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JESSICA S.: Summer Memory with My Sister

Hi, Jets Fans, it's Flight Crew member Jessica S.

Wow! I'm so excited about the season so far. The team has been doing an amazing job. I can't believe that not only is summer over, but we've already finished Game 6 of my third season with the JETS Flight Crew.

The summer was a great experience for the Flight Crew. Not only did we shoot our second swimsuit calendar for the Flight Crew and participate in many appearances and charity functions, but we were also able to participate in the first ever Junior Flight Crew Summer Program.

That was such a great opportunity for me. The summer program was a learning and development program that focused on improving the talent and ability of each participant. I was able to spend some extra quality time with the Flight Crew girls, and also was able to experience the Junior Flight Crew program with my younger sister and three other amazing dancers from the dance school that I danced at.

The girls were grouped by age to learn warmups, dance routines and team-building exercises along with team spirit. It was definitely a fun time.

The junior program was filled with hard work and fun, but the best part of all was to perform at a preseason game on the field in front of thousands of cheering fans with my sister. The minute we stepped onto the field was the beginning of a great moment for me that will be in my heart forever. To say that I was able to perform in New Meadowlands Stadium in front of thousands of cheering fans with my sister is something that will always be a treasured memory.

Thanks for being the most enthusiastic and encouraging fans a team could ever have. I am so proud to be a part of the JETS organization and the Flight Crew. It is an honor to be out on the field every home game performing for you. See you on the sidelines! Go JETS!

1-2 Flight Crew!!!!

—Jessica S

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