JESSICA F.: Sisters – a Shorts Story

Hi, Jets fans! I wanted to take the time to tell you a little bit about a special bond I share with my sister, Krystal. I am lucky enough to be very close to my little sister. We grew up together in Orange, Calif., but I moved to Texas when I was 17 to pursue my dance career. Throughout the years we have always stayed close. We talk on the phone, visit each other when we can, and stay connected via the wonderful world of Facebook.

My sister and I both share a passion for dance. A couple of years ago I moved to New York and Krystal moved to Seattle. Wanting to continue dancing and make friends in a new city, Krystal auditioned for the Sea Gals; the official cheerleading squad of the Seattle Seahawks. Hundreds of girls showed up to audition. After a week-long audition process, Krystal was chosen to be one of the Sea Gals for the 2011 season. I was so proud and had so much fun following her success that year. I was even able to fly to Seattle and watch her perform at one of the Seahawks games. I remember thinking how proud I was of her and how cool it must feel to be out on the field representing the NFL.

After her season was over, I went to visit Krystal in Seattle for my birthday, still trying to find my place in New York City. Krystal suggested I look into auditioning for the New York Jets Flight Crew. She told me that cheering for the NFL was a great way to make friends and keep dancing. She also told me it's the hardest thing she has ever done but the most fun she has ever had in her life.

So I decided to take the plunge. I did the workshops and then auditioned for the Flight Crew. When I made it to finals, Krystal sent me a special package. She sent me the dance shorts she had worn at her audition for the Sea Gals the year before. They must have brought me luck because I made the team!

I wanted to keep the magic alive so I sent the shorts back to her for her final audition this season for the Sea Gals. The sisterhood of the traveling dance shorts must have worked because a week after I made the Flight Crew, she was chosen to return to the Sea Gals for her second season.

It has been so wonderful getting to share this experience with someone so close to me. We have been able to share stories about practice, games, uniforms, and all the other things that go into professional cheerleading. Krystal even came to New York this fall and saw the Flight Crew perform at one of the Jets games.

I'm so blessed to have such a great relationship with my sister and this is definitely a year I will never forget.

—Jessica F.

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