JENNA: Tips to Get Through the 'Tough Stuff'


These are just a few things I have learned over time that help make me feel better about life. They help get me through the tough stuff and keep me happy and moving forward on the right track. I hope you enjoy them and decide to use them in your everyday life!

Trick No. 1 — Random Acts of Kindness

Do something spontaneously nice for a stranger, maybe someone who looks like they are not having the best day. I've had this done for me, and it completely changed my mood. I keep that in mind when I do something nice for others. It makes me feel like I contributed to turning their day around. This evokes a jolt of adrenaline and positivity, giving me the confidence to start my next venture on a great note.

Need some ideas? Try picking up the tab for the person's coffee in line behind you, or swipe your metro card for someone whose card has run out. We New Yorkers will especially appreciate this! And think about how you would feel if someone where doing this for you.

Trick No. 2 — Setting Goals

Achieving something that you have been working towards forever is one of the greatest feelings. Now try taking that happiness and applying it earlier on. Keep the greatness of that achievement in mind to help you put meaning into your work as opposed to feeling like aimlessly tiring yourself out.

A great idea is to set smaller short-term goals and to use that energy when the big picture seems overwhelming. This will keep you on the right track, and give you a thought to go to when you feel your brain get a little scattered. Most importantly, remember to never give up!

Trick No. 3 — Stop Dreading and Start Enjoying the Work

As humans, our work is never done. If it were, what would we do? Once we accept this, we can stop just waiting for it to end or looking for an easy way out and we can start to live more and enjoy what we do. This may seem easier said than done, but truthfully it's not. It is as simple as making the decision to enjoy ourselves and others and, most importantly, to make a commitment to that decision. It will be the best decision you ever make.

Those are my three tricks to leading a greater life. Thanks for reading and Happy Living!


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