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JENNA: 10 Steps to a Better Tush!

When hitting the gym, people often tend to focus on the abdominal area or the upper torso. This is not bad at all, but one very important part of the human anatomy that mustn't be forgotten is the butt! The derriere contains the largest muscle in the human body. Therefore, working these muscles will positively affect one's overall physical fitness.

So here are some great workouts that I use in the gym that will get that butt in tip-top shape and melt away fat in other areas as you're doing it!

1. Pliés in Second Position

First, step your feet out into a wide stance and turn out your legs from the hips into a ballet second position. From here, you simply plié or bend at the knees getting as deep as you can. Bounce there, getting lower as you go. Count to 10, then pop the right heel and keep going. Do 10 more. Switch to the left. Do 10 more. Eventually you will be able to get both heels off the ground for 10 more!

Once you've finished, drop your torso over to hang in front of your legs and shift side to side, stretching out your hamstrings and gluts.

2. Lunge Squats

Get into a deep lunge with your left foot forward and your back/right leg completely straight out behind you. Get as low to the ground as possible, keeping your torso up right. Next, bring your right leg in to meet your left leg so that you are in a very tight, low squat position. Then simply step the left leg out behind you where the right leg was to switch the lunge. Repeat 10 times on each side (20 total).

3. Explosive Lunges

Now let's get that heart rate up a little higher!

Start out in a deep lunge with both legs bent at a 90° angle. Get ready and JUMP up as high as you can and land in a switched lunge. Keep jumping and switching the lunge as fast as you can. Do this 10 times, take a quick breather, and do 10 more. It will be worth it!

4. Butt Kickers

Cool it down a little. Remember, making sure your breathing is steady is a main factor in any workout.

Start this one out in standard squat position with legs at shoulder width and your torso upright. You can put your arms out in front of you for balance. When you straighten your knees coming up from the squat, kick your butt with either foot, then return to squat. When you come up from the squat the next time, kick your butt with the other foot. Do this 10 times.

5. Tipsy!

Let's add some extra weight to increase muscle. Use 3-pound weights, one in each hand. This exercise will work out your upper back and core as well.

Stand with your hands at your side and shift your weight onto one foot. You are going to then bring the other leg straight up behind you into an arabesque position as your torso comes forward. As you are doing this, swing the weights up into a "T." Your whole body should come to be parallel to the floor balancing on one leg. Try not to tip over! Then slowly come back to standing position. Do this 20 times (10 on each foot).

6. One-Legged Dead Lifts

Bump up your weight to 10-15 pounds. You'll only need one dumbbell for this one.

Hold the dumbbell in your hands. Shift all of your body weight onto one leg. Make sure this leg is not locked out. Then slowly bend at the waist and slide the dumbbell down your leg, trying to keep the arch in your back as you go down until the weight touches the floor. Then reverse this, sliding the dumbbell up your leg, keeping the arch until you are back in standing position.

This can make your butt super sore because it really gets deep into those muscles that we rarely work, so start small. Do this five times on each leg for now, and add more when you're ready until you can do this 10 times on each leg.

7. Squat Jumps!

A little more explosive cardio! Squat down with your legs shoulder-width apart, torso up. Now JUMP! Straightening your legs in the air, and then return to squat. Keep going as fast as you can. Get super low every time you squat and super high every time you jump. But make sure to keep your form! 15 times.

8. Leg Raises

Let's get down! Get on the floor on all fours and simply pick up the right leg, keeping the foot flexed and the knee at a 90° angle. Kick your foot up to the ceiling and then return to starting position. Do this 20 times. Then switch legs and do it again 20 more times.

9. Take a 45-second water break.

10. Repeat!

When you have finished your workout, make sure you stretch your gluts and hamstrings a lot to avoid tightness and soreness.

Thanks for working out with me! See you again soon,


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