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JASMINE: Say Hello to Group 2

Hey, Jets fans, it's Jasmine from the Flight Crew! I'm so excited to be back for a second season. It truly has been an amazing season so far with our trip to Aruba to shoot our 2010-2011 calendar and our squad growing to 35 girls!!

Each year we are put into four groups and this year I am in Group 2. This is the biggest group this year on the sidelines with five vets and five rookies, so it's not hard to miss our group. We work very well together and our dynamic is amazing. Here is a little bit about Group 2:

Jessica V. is such a sweetheart and a very hard worker. She's so much fun to be around. Jessica also always comes early to rehearsal to practice and go over material. She truly understands what an honor it is to be a part of the team.

We call Kristaour "Little Nugget" because she is the smallest one in our group. Even though she is the smallest, she is full of energy and it really shows through her dancing, which makes her so much fun to watch during games. She's a very caring and honest person.

Jackieis a very positive person. When I am worried about anything, she is always there to tell me it's going to be OK. She is an amazing technical dancer. Her kicks are out of this world. Jackie is a great friend and fun to be around.

Laura V. is a four-year veteran on the team. I can always look to her whenever I'm a little lost. She's definitely a big fan favorite. During games while we walk to our sidelines, you can always hear her name being called by fans.

Sara is so sweet and always has a smile on her face. She never complains. Sara is always positive. She may come off as shy but she is a lot of fun to be around and really nice to hang out and chat with.

Linda is our group leader and a four-year veteran. She's a great leader and very helpful. Whenever I need help, she is there. She has lots of energy and is really fun to watch. She is very confident and happy all the time and always has a smile on her face.

Adele is another funny person to be around. She's very outgoing and has such a great heart. She's also very athletic and has lots of energy on the field. We can always look at each other and know what each other is thinking.

Kayla is such a beautiful person and is so much fun to be around. People may think she's quiet but she always keeps me laughing. She has such a great outlook on situations and always looks at the brighter side of things.

Danielle is our second group leader and a three-year veteran. She is one of my really good friends and never lets anyone down. This is my second year being in the same group with her. We stand next to each other in our group. Danielle and I play around and make each other laugh all the time at practice but we always pull it together get focused.

And me. It's my second year with the squad. I am always looking to have fun and make my group laugh. Everyone in my group can always count on me to have really fluffy poms. They sometimes catch me singing randomly out loud. I love helping out my rookies and being there for them.

Thanks for taking a second out of your day to read my blog. I'll see you on the field!


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