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Grace Under Pressure in 'MTS' Episode 2

"Making the Squad: Episode 2" is now live and kicking on

In this episode, Grace, "the rookie" in this series on the 2011 New York Jets Flight Crew, went through the open-call process at last weekend's preliminary round of the Flight Crew auditions at New Meadowlands Stadium. She is shown preparing and competiting during the prelims with the goal of reaching the next day's semifinals and the finals on May 7.

Grace is one of five Flight Crew members who's being spotlighted in "Making the Squad," which is being produced by the New York Jets' multimedia department. She is joined by returning veterans Linda, Ashley and Ellana and by Gina, who has a year of Flight Crew experience but was not on the cheerleading squad last season.

The epidosdes are being posted each week on and will run through the emotional conclusion of this part of the Flight Crew's calendar, with 40 young women being selected for the 2011 New York Jets Flight Crew.

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