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For More Flight Crew Than Ever, This is Your Page


This season is giving fans exclusive access to the 2008 New York Jets Flight Crew!

After the team was increased from 10 members last year to a 22-member squad for this season, fans can now get the inside scoop on the new Flight Crew.

To better connect with fans, every Tuesday a member will be featured on our Website as the "Flight Crew Member of the Week." Fans will learn a little more about their favorite Flight Crew members as each one blogs about a specific topic relevant to her life, accompanied by photo slideshows, bios and questionnaires. Fans will have an exclusive look into to the distinctive life of a New York Jets Flight Crew member.

The expanded Flight Crew homepage will also feature a variety of photos from each home game, taken by this season's new Flight Crew fashion photographer.

There is also a link to help facilitate booking the Flight Crew for appearances. Fans can request two or all 22 or any number of girls to attend events ranging from trade shows and corporate events to children's birthday parties and more. Having NFL dancers posing for photos, signing autographs and even performing one of their trademark 50-yard line dances will help to make any event a success! Click here to request an appearance by the New York Jets Flight Crew.

Check back often to read about upcoming events, see new photos and meet each Flight Crew Member of the Week!

Flight Crew Featured

Members of the Jets Flight Crew have been on center stage after this season's three home games in the NFL Cheerleaders slideshow on Sports Click here to see shots of our Flight Crew in action during the Cincinnati game.

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