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Final Words from 'One Happy Island'

The New York Jets Flight Crew and entourage are back stateside after their outstanding week of photo shoots in Aruba for the third annual Flight Crew Calendar. Here are the final three blogs from heavenly Aruba, from Crew members Samantha, Alyse and Donna Marie.

SAMANTHA: Some Golden Opportunities

Samantha here writing you from the beautiful island of Aruba. This has been an amazing week for all of us.

We are lucky to have some free time when we are not shooting for the 2012 calendar so we get to experience this incredible place with one another. Aside from shooting, the cheerleaders and I have been going to the gym every morning, going to the beach, doing various water sports such as banana boating and tubing, and shopping at the local mall. There are so many exciting things to do on the Happy Island of Aruba! It's fun being on a trip like this with the girls; it really has made us bond and get to know each other a lot more.

My shoot was yesterday at Andicuri Beach. I was standing on top of a cave which was made of all golden rocks. I was so scared climbing up the rocks at first, but the crew helped me out and showed me exactly where they wanted me to stand so I would be comfortable. My shoot was really interesting because not only was I up so high but the photographer was shooting me through this keyhole. So cool. After we finished with those shots, they told me I had 5 minutes to change into a different bathing suit and get a sunset shot. It was a great way to end the shoot.

This trip to Aruba has been so much fun and I cannot believe it has come to an end so quickly. It was an amazing experience for all of us. Everyone did incredible and looked beautiful!

See you all this season ! Let's Go JETS!


ALYSE: A Rookie Soaks It All In

Hey, Jets fans. It's Alyse here. I'm sitting on my balcony in Aruba at the Radisson, our amazing sponsored resort, and reflecting on the week we have had. This experience has been incredible. It's hard to believe auditions were just two weeks ago, I've made the team, and NOW I'm in Aruba with some of the Flight Crew shooting for the 2012 calendar.


As a rookie, this experience has started shaping my season ahead to already one of the best years of my life. Since we've arrived, we've had video bio shoots, (which you'll get to see shortly and get to know me a little better) as well as our long awaited individual swimsuit shoot.

I shot on Thursday and was one of the last three girls to go. Sam, Meredith and I were lucky enough to get to shoot at the beautiful location of Andicuri Beach. Our hair and makeup was done on the bus at the location and then we got to take a 4-wheel-drive Jeep through the cliffs to get to the beach. It was a bumpy ride but Colleen handled it well! Thanks Colleen. ☺ As we approached the beach, I was mesmerized.

From the second I stepped my toes onto the crystal white sand and saw the rolling waves and the enormous rocks and caves, I was giddy and so energized to shoot. I finished my final touches of hair and makeup and hit the waves to start shooting. Daisy, our photographer, and I went through ideas and poses for me and then we began to mold our visions and create the perfect photo in the amazing atmosphere.

With each click of the shutter, I'd move and turn and play to the camera. Little did I know the waves were going to continuously crash into me and knock me over. It was so much fun! We were laughing and enjoying the moment. This was definitely an experience I will never forget. I felt like an absolute supermodel!

When I got back to my room I was so excited that all of the girls were so supportive and happy to hear how great it all went. Donna Marie, Kim, Jenniphure, Anais, Colleen and Jessica all were sitting on my bed going through pictures and talking about their shoots as well. They loved everything they saw and we were all really proud of each other.

As my shooting day came to an end, I was looking forward to the next day to finally get my chance to tan and relax in the sun. I really couldn't come home from Aruba pasty white now, could I? ☺ At least going back to rainy New York, I will have a little color.

Overall, this has been an incredible experience and I'm absolutely thrilled about the year ahead. I will cherish the memories I have already made with the 2012 Flight Crew.


DONNA MARIE: Meeting a Young Fan

Hi, everyone.

Today I was relaxing at the Radisson and the cutest little girl approached Alyse and me and started asking us if we were part of the Flight Crew. Her eyes lit up when we said we were and she was so excited to hear all about being a cheerleader. It was the first experience I have had as a rookie that showed me what it feels like to be a role model.

Getting out and about in Aruba with the other girls has been so much fun. Jessika V. and I found the most unique jewelry store that made all of their pieces out of recycled Aruba glass. It was like nothing I have ever seen-so I couldn't resist picking up a few things. In fact everyone in town and here at the Radisson have been so helpful and friendly. Goes to show Aruba is "one happy island."

Finally I finished off my day at the Laramar Spa here at the Radisson — talk about relaxation. The quiet garden was beautiful filled with bamboo shoots, cozy lounges and bubbling fountains. There was no better way to end the day.

All the best.

—Donna Marie

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