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ESTHER: Thank You for Being an Inspiration

One of the things I enjoy the most about being a Flight Crew Cheerleader is the influence we have on young girls through our Junior Flight Crew Program. Everyone has that influential adult in their childhood they will always remember inspiring them. Mine was my primary school teacher back in London named Miss Susan Dixon.

Miss Dixon was tall, beautiful, intelligent, and from Birmingham, England. She rode her bike to school every day and always wore the best clothes. Back then, I wanted to be just like her and I had a strong feeling that somehow she saw a little piece of herself in me. I distinctly remember Miss Dixon constantly encouraging me to dream big and to never give up, no matter what. Often when I thought I wasn't cut out for certain activities or academic levels, she pushed me to work harder.

Her courage and passion for success has always stuck with me, pushing me through my successful academic career as well as my corporate and entrepreneurial success. I will always remember her drive and the influence she had on me at such a young age. Though I haven't seen her since moving from London to the United States, if she were reading this I would tell her: "Thank you for being an inspiration, on purpose or even by accident."

I love the fact that we, as women of the Flight Crew, get the honor of being someone else's "Miss Dixon." There are young girls that attend our Junior Flight Crew program year after year. It truly touches my heart when repeat juniors remember me by name and treat so dear what I may have said to inspire them. They remember every compliment I give, every word of encouragement I share. They even remember the nail color I might wear.

It pushes me to live and strive for better whenever I feel like giving up or slowing down because I know that someone is always watching, wishing they could be just like me when they grow up.


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