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ELIZABETH: 'Water Your Mind'

"Whether you think you can or you can't — you're right." This quote said by Henry Ford has been an instrumental part of my life for the past few years. After hearing this quote, I decided to begin reading as many books as I possibly could on the power of our minds, in particular, the power of our thoughts and feelings. I believe that this idea of mind cultivation changed my life.

Through many different titled books, audio seminars and late-night Internet quests for more information on the power of our minds, I started to employ the new techniques taught in these resources. After about a year of practicing control over my thoughts, I noticed that this "mind control" thing was getting easier.

I found myself "weeding my mind" and tossing out the thoughts that did not please me. I began picturing my mind as if it were my own private garden. When the "weeds" of negativity would begin growing, I simply chose not to focus on them and weeded them out.

I also started replacing these negative thoughts with more positive ones. I was planting beautiful "flowers" in the garden of my mind. It took a lot of discipline at first to remember to listen to my thoughts and choose only positive ones to focus on. I thought of this as "watering my garden."

This process helped me to undergo a paradigm shift in regard to my thinking process: from victim to ruler. Through this new outlook of power and control, I have accomplished many of my dreams: from inner peace and happiness to my newest title as a Flight Crew Cheerleader, and even the opening of my own business! I would encourage everyone to realize the power of their own thoughts and to dream big. It's never too late to start watering your mind.


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