DINA MARIE: Spring Things to Do in NYC


Hi, Jets Fans, DinaMarie here! As the 2013 season is quickly approaching, one of the questions I am often asked as a member of the Flight Crew is "What are your hobbies in the offseason?" No doubt about it, New York is the city that never sleeps, and with so much at your fingertips, it is hard to determine where to begin. As a recent resident of the borough of Manhattan, I've compiled a list of activities for springtime in NYC.

Central Park — If you happen to visit Central Park on a spring day, you will find people doing all sorts of outdoor activities. One of the things I plan on doing this spring is boating! A spot to visit is Loeb's Boathouse. You can rent a rowboat or kayak for an hour to go boating on the lake.

NYC Dance Parade — I recently heard of the annual NYC Dance Parade that takes place in May. The parade works its way down Broadway while honoring different genres of dance in historical order.

Trapeze Class — I have taken a trapeze class in the past, but this year I am aiming to take an outdoor class! TSNY is a trapeze school that offers outdoor beginner classes and is located at Pier 40 along the West Side Highway.

"New York Cares" Day — New York Cares is the city's largest volunteer program. The organization partners with some of the largest nonprofits and city agencies to deploy volunteers where needed. This spring more than 4,000 people are going to be joining together to help clean up the city's parks and public spaces.

The High Line — The High Line is one of the newest public parks in Manhattan, and one of my favorite NYC spots. The landmark is built on a historic freight rail line that is elevated above the streets of the city and stretches over 15 blocks along the West Side.

I hope you are able to enjoy one of these New York City gems this spring with your friends and loved ones. Looking forward to the 2013 football season! Go JETS!


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