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BRITTANY: Jetting to Places Far and Wide

Hey, Jets fans! It's Flight Crew Cheerleader Brittany.

Besides dancing & performing in front of thousands of Jets fans, one of my other loves is traveling. During the offseason, I was fortunate enough to travel across Europe and visit some amazing countries. Two of my favorites were Ireland and the Czech Republic. If you are planning a trip across the pond, I highly recommend visiting these places!

Ireland is a beautiful place and, being from New York, it was nice to be out in the country and see a lot of GREEN! :) One of the highlights of this portion of the trip was a bus tour to the Cliffs of Moher. This could be one of the most incredible places I have ever seen! The Cliffs stand at roughly 700 feet at their highest point and extend over the Atlantic Ocean. I found out on our tour that they have actually been named a global finalist for one of the "New Seven Wonders of Nature". My favorite city in Ireland has to be Galway. It's such a vibrant area with a ton of character, and has great shopping, nightlife and people!

In the city of Prague, the architecture was absolutely beautiful. I did a lot of walking here and the buildings and structures never ceased to amaze me. I walked across the Charles Bridge, which is full of life during the day: painters, traders, performers, and a ton of people walking through. The Prague Castle was another sight that garners a lot of attention. It is the largest castle complex in the world, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, definitely a must-see! And make sure you bring a ton of warm clothes — it was freezing!

Besides seeing the amazing sights, I was fortunate enough to meet some great and interesting people from all over the world. I even had the chance to run into an avid Jets fan from England. Just goes to show you that the New York Jets have a great following, and the fan base is worldwide!

With the 2010 season behind us, it's on to 2011! J-E-T-S, JETS JETS JETS!


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