BRIE: Purse Essentials for the Day Ahead


Hey, Jets Fans! When I was a young girl, my Grandma used to tell me that you should never go inside a woman's purse, but I'm breaking the rules today and I thought it would be fun to give you a little peek inside mine so that you can see what gets a Flight Crew Cheerleader through a busy day!

Planner: We Flight Crew Cheerleaders treat our planners like the Bible. It is so important to have one, in order to manage our busy schedules! Lilly Pulitzer makes tons of planners in fun colors and designs.

Camera: You never know when a photo op will occur in this city! I love taking pictures at practice too!

Makeup: After running around all day, it's nice to have lip gloss and blush handy for a little touch-up! My beauty favorites include MAC blush in Warm Soul and MAC lipstick in Shanghai Spice.

Healthy Snacks: Busy women need healthy fuel to keep going all day, so I like to keep almonds or an apple on hand for when hunger strikes!

Wallet: Of course, you can't go anywhere without ID, but a great wallet also keeps track of my money, train tickets and other personal essentials — can't leave home without it!

Accessories: My friends think I'm crazy, but you never know when dinner plans might pop up, so I always keep a fun necklace, ring or accessory handy so that I can jazz up my workday attire! You can go from day to night in 2 seconds flat.

Headphones & iPod: Not just for listening to today's hot tunes. I also like to run through our choreography with the Flight Crew music while I'm traveling around the city!

Hand Sanitizer & Lotion: I don't have time to get sick, so I make sure to keep my hands clean with an antibacterial hand sanitizer and I follow that up with OPI Skin Quenchers hand lotion to keep my skin feeling silky and soft.

No matter what purse I'm carrying, you can be sure that I've got those essentials packed in there. In my opinion, you can't start your day until you've made sure that you have a well-stocked handbag!



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