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ANAIS: 'Tis the Season for a Great Makeup Look

Hey, Jets fans! I'm here with some fun tips for a great makeup look for the fall/winter.

You want to start off this look with a fresh, clean face. Once your face is washed, you want to apply foundation to your entire face. Make sure you don't forget your neck and ears. Once your foundation is on, you can use concealer on any spots that you feel might need it. Then you want to set your face with powder.

Here comes the fun part! Now remember, makeup is just used to enhance the beauty you already have so you don't want to overdo it. I would say to make a choice of a dramatic lip or a dramatic eye before starting anything.

So with a dramatic lip look, you can use neutral colors on the eyelids, with light winged eyeliner and mascara. For enhancing your cheeks, go with a very warm colored blush. On your lips, any plum or red color works beautifully for the fall/winter season. With any dark lip colors, you want to make sure you really line your lips with lip liner to help the color stay on and prevent smearing.

Now if you want a dramatic eye look, I would use a more neutral color for the lips. On your cheeks you can use any blush that has a hint of shimmer. For creating that dramatic eye this season, you can choose from different shades of green, gold, plum or any darker warm color that you enjoy. Also metallic colors on the eyes are great to add a little pop. Next darken the edges of your eyelids to create that smoky eye look. After that, all you need is to add on some eyeliner and mascara and your look is set.

Hope you enjoyed and have fun experimenting with different looks this season.


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