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AMANDA: Jets Fans Everywhere in Mexico

Eight members of the New York Jets Flight Crew are now in Mexico City, representing the NFL at different appearances around the city. Each day we will be hearing from a different Flight Crew Cheerleader on what she and the group did in Mexico's capital. Today's Flight Crew blogger: Amanda.

Hey, Jets fans, it's Amanda from the Flight Crew! I am currently writing you from beautiful Mexico City, where we had another amazing day doing some very rewarding appearances. This morning we went to Liverpool Polanco, to meet more fans. They were so excited to take photos and see us perform. It's crazy that the New York Jets are so loved here in Mexico.

When we were done, we headed for lunch at Italiani's Restaurant, which was so much fun. We all took pictures together so we can bring back some memories.

We also spent time with our fantastic security, who will do whatever they can to make sure we are safe. We made the restaurant sing happy birthday to Diego, our head security guy, who is always very serious. Even Diego thought that was hilarious.

After lunch we went to another appearance, at Suburbia Universidad, where we signed autographs, took many pictures and performed for more Jets fans.

After the second appearance we went to dinner, I had tomato soup that was served from a special dish at the table. Karen had her Caesar salad dressing made while she watched. For my entrée I had linguine with shrimp, which was delicious. Overall the food was fantastic.

Tomorrow I get to sleep in before we go to the market! Look for Christie's blog next! J-E-T-S!


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