AMANDA: Importance of Technique Classes


New York Jets Flight Crew auditions are well on their way, and preparing for them technically is one of the best ways to get ready. As Flight Crew Cheerleaders, we do multiple technical movements on and off the field. It is imperative that we are always prepared, and let me tell you that turning on a field in boots is not easy!

To prepare, we generally do one technique class per month as part of our normal rehearsals, in which we do a 45-minute run of everything we have in each routine. We put together short combinations with all of our more technical steps, so that when they are done separately they are easier to do.

If you are able to do a double pirouette, kicks, and a leap across the floor combined together in a couple of eight counts, doing them on a field will prove to be a lot easier. So I highly suggest getting into technique classes to practice these moves either in the city or at your local studio.

Most of the Flight Crew take some classes in the city. Steps On Broadway and Broadway Dance Center offer many classes that will help immensely. Even if it isn't a technique class, almost every class includes a very detailed warmup with many exercises that will help you.

Staying up on your technique is one of the most crucial ways to be successful at the audition.


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