AMANDA G.: Three Cheers for Broadway

Hi, Jets fans! Amanda G. here, with the New York Jets Flight Crew Cheerleaders. I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday season!

In my family, it is tradition to see a Broadway show the day after Christmas. This year we chose to see the newest hit, Bring It On: The Musical. I come from a family of four girls who all happen to be cheerleaders so it was a very fitting choice for us! Not only did we like the show, we LOVED it! From start to finish, the show was jam-packed with everything from catchy tunes to crowd-pleasing stunts! I was once a co-ed flyer in college, so it definitely brought me back to my days of college football.

Although the show is based on the blockbuster hit Bring It On, the storylines were very different.  Bring It On: The Musical tells the story of Campbell, the newly appointed cheer captain and most popular girl at Truman High School. Before she can lead her championship squad to Nationals, Campbell is forced to switch high schools due to redistricting. She must now attend the famous, racially diverse Jackson High School. Campbell finds herself to be an outcast at her new school and must learn to adjust to her new outsider status.

Soon she meets Danielle, a popular junior and captain of Jackson High's Dance "Crew". With a national title on the line, Campbell must convince Danielle to change their infamous "Crew" into a cheerleading squad to bring on some serious competition to Campbell's former teammates at Truman High.

Bring It On: The Musical was entertaining for the entire family. The musical cast members were extremely gifted athletes and talented artists. I would recommend the show to anyone looking to have a great time!


Amanda G

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