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ALYSE: Cheers for a Growing Friendship

Cheerleading for the NFL is a very special job, a dream many girls hope to be fulfilled. NFL cheerleaders form a unique and immediate bond, not only with their own teammates but also with other teams' cheerleaders. I have personally had the pleasure of becoming very close with Minnesota Vikings cheerleader Blair.

Blair is a second-year veteran, too. We met at the All-Pro Cheerleading/Dance convention this summer. While we were taking a class to learn an Atlanta Falcons dance, we happened to be standing right next to one another. As the dance went on, we found the choreography to be challenging and fast. We were instantly laughing and joking about it. Sure enough, by working together, we finally got it. This is where our friendship began.

Blair and I stayed in touch throughout training camp. We would send each other updates, trade tips, and support one another to help us get through the tough environment training camp brings. It was really great to not only have my teammates encouraging me but to have someone else who understands our special world.

We would share how are squads are similar and different, how we do our sidelines, rehearse, and what All Pro dances would be seeing the field this season. Blair even taught an All Pro dance recently at her rehearsal and we helped each other via text to remember the choreography.

As our first preseason game approached, Blair sent me the sweetest message. We had not spoken in a few weeks and it was wonderful to hear from her. She said, "Our first home game is this Friday, I want to wish you an amazing season!" I was thrilled to hear from her. It was so nice to be thought of and know my fellow cheerleader would be dancing with me thousands of miles away. Luckily, right after that game Blair called me and told me she was cheerleader of the game. I was so thrilled for her because in our world, that is huge!

We now have a ritual of texting and talking before each game. We encourage each other to lay it all out on the field and be our best. Blair has been such a supportive friend to me. It's funny how we only met for one weekend but immediately clicked and have a bond that will last forever. I cannot wait for her to visit New York this season.

The experience of dancing on the turf is so special and to have someone 1,191 miles away doing the exact same thing, rooting for you, and vice versa, means the world. I am very blessed to be a part of my team but to also be thought of by someone on another. I look forward to our growing friendship and who knows, maybe Blair will even be at my wedding one day!


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