Adam Gase on Big Man Mekhi Becton: 'Very Sharp,' 'Brings an Edge'

Jets HC Feels No. 1 Draft Pick Will 'Get Caught Up Pretty Quick' as Virtual Offseason Program Unfolds


Count Adam Gase among those impressed with the whirlwind effort led by GM Joe Douglas to refashion the Jets' offensive line.

"As far as the O-line," the Jets' head coach said, "I don't think I've ever been a part of the amount of guys we've brought in, the changeout we've had with guys signing with other teams."

And one of the new guys has one of the most talented big bodies around: 11th pick of the draft Mekhi Becton out of Louisville.

"We're at the beginning stages of everything right now," the coach said. "When we get an opportunity and when that rookie time starts up, we'll get Mekhi caught up with the offense as fast as possible and get him to learn all the techniques and the verbiage. It's a big jump from college to pro and just get him caught up with that as fast as possible.

"The good thing is he's very sharp, very sharp. It will take a second, but he's going to get caught up pretty quick, especially the way Frank [Pollack, OL coach] implements the terminology and technique and things like that. We'll kind of see how things play out when we get on grass."

Gase also can't wait to see more of those physical skills that Becton will be bringing with him from college to the pros. He, general manager Joe Douglas, the rest of the Jets' personnel team and the rest of the NFL got a first impression when Becton, who weighed in at 364 pounds at the NFL Combine, posted his terrifying — especially to defenders who find themselves in his path — 5.10 seconds in the 40.

There are many interesting ways to slice and dice that time. Here's one we don't think has been mentioned yet: Around 50 players have weighed in at 348-plus pounds and participated in the Combines from 1987 through February. So Becton's is the fastest player at that size or larger in the last 34 years of workouts.

"Yeah, that was an eye-opening 40 for sure for a man that size," Douglas said. "The first time I had a chance to watch him, it's like a giant among boys out there on the field. Then his sheer size just jumps out. And then you see him move and how easy he can slide and mirror defenders, and then his heavy hands, his ability to lift people off their feet and just move people with ease. There's a lot of unusual traits to this young man's game."

Douglas also had a great scouting perspective for those who worry that, well, Becton did well last year but what about his first two years at Louisville?

"They had a coaching change going into last season," the GM explained. "In the past, he was flipping from strong side to weak side, so he was playing left and right tackle, flipping on every given play. So I think him settling in at left tackle, you could really see, OK, this guy has all the tools, he's very comfortable in a left-handed stance, he's got a good kick-set out to the edge rushers, and you could really see him settle in and his technique really blossom."

All NFL teams are still on their semi-hold with their virtual offseason programs being conducted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But Gase, while patiently trying to bring his team along effectively in this trying time, he can't wait to see all the things he's heard and seen about Becton on video come to the practice fields at the Atlantic Health Jets Training Center soon.

"Mekhi's a big man that can move people off the ball for sure in the run game and he's a tough guy to get around playing that tackle spot," Gase said. "He brings an edge to us, he brings nasty for our offensive line room. Anytime you can add a guy like that, you're fired up as a coaching staff."

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