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YOUR SEAT: Awash in Sights and Sounds


To paraphrase Shakespeare, the seat's the thing. Tell me all you want about getting your bod into the area and into the stadium, but how will it be getting your head into the game?

In a word, like never before. OK, that's three words, but you'll love it so much you'll lose count. Fans embraced the old Meadowlands layout, so we've replicated that comfortable bowl feeling, only we've made it better. You'll be immersed in football — the contest between the Green & White and the dastardly visitors in front of you, your senses awash in a dome of electricity generated by you and your fellow fans.

Enhancing the experience, four huge, high-definition videoboards will pulse all around you, and if you never saw more than a small triangle of each replay from your seats under the overhang, those gamedays are over. Meanwhile, the state-of-the-art sound system will make you feel as if Fireman Ed's on your shoulders as you chant the chant — all together now — J! E! T! S! JETS! JETS! JETS!

For those behind and around the goalposts, you'll be playing your own particular brand of zone defense. With general admission seats right down to the front row, the end zone will be a green wall of rabid fans. You've heard of the Dawg Pound and the Black Hole? Here's your opportunity to create the Green Mile, the Bermuda Triangle ... you'll come up with your own name. That is, if opposing offenses don't come up with something colorful first.

A major component of a great seat is how easy it is to get to and from said seat on forays to those all-important way stations. Food and drink? You won't have to go hunting for a hot dog, with eight times the number of concession stands than the old venue. And porcelain facilities, the bane of many a Jets fan's gameday existence since dear old Shea? With three times as many restrooms, relief and a return to action are always just around the bend.

Plus, with a little more elbow room in the twice-as-wide concourses, you might miss bumping into old friends. But on Jets gameday, that's a good thing.

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