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Which Jets Player Would You Invite to Your Fourth of July BBQ? 

Pair of Offensive Linemen Among Popular Answers


Throughout the offseason, reporters Eric Allen, Ethan Greenberg, Randy Lange and Caroline Hendershot will each give their predictions to a series of questions regarding this year's Jets.

Today's question: Which Jets player would you invite to your Fourth of July BBQ?

EA: Every barbeque needs quality sauce, so you're going to need Sauce Gardner to bring his smokey, sweet and BBQ sauce. Aaron Rodgers is an obvious candidate because you know he'll take care of his teammates. We know Rodgers appreciates a good party because he took in multiple playoff games at Madison Square Garden and a pair of Taylor Swift shows at MetLife Stadium. He'll also keep it fun. D.J. Reed said that Rodgers surprised his teammates recently by playing rap in the weight room. And on top of those considerations, Rodgers would be a good guy to have on your side if some kind of party trivia breaks out on July 4. Speaking of conversationalists, Breece Hall knows some streaming shows and TE C.J. Uzomah is up on what's happening on Broadway. If you are playing hoops, Tyler Conklin and Garrett Wilson would put your teams over the top. Ron Middleton enjoys a good stogie and is just a fun dude to be around. You want to be around families on the holidays, so Quinnen and Quincy Williams have to be there. Just invite the whole team.

EG: I'm going with Laken Tomlinson. You might be thinking, why would you invite an offensive lineman to your BBQ since they're probably going to eat more than someone like a receiver, corner, quarterback?. I remember talking to Tomlinson before he hosted and cooked for the offensive line last season. If he's a good enough cook for the Jets' linemen, he's a good enough cook for me. Some classic Fourth of July BBQ food with some Jamaican flare sounds like a win to me. Not to mention he's an incredible human being, is always smiling and gets along with everybody. I'm sure his consistency on the field (started every regular-season game since 2018) stretches to the grill.

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RL: Who wouldn't love to have Aaron Rodgers come down to his Jersey Shore palace to munch on some baby-back ribs and regale the family with stories of darkness retreats and seeing the light as a much celebrated addition to the New York Jets, not to mention his favorite Taylor Swift tracks and albums? But I'll go with TE C.J. Uzomah, who seems like such a loose, friendly, fun-loving guy. We know he'll knock himself out in his a.m. holiday dark-period workout, then report to the BBQ all smiles and dressed to the nines and, careful not to slop any St. Louis sauce on his new bespoke threads, will keep the backyard conversation moving with such thought-provoking conversation as who the real villain and protagonist are in “Wicked." Just an interesting dude and hopefully on the verge of busting out in the ARod/Jets 2023 offense.

CH: Hands down, Max Mitchell. Mitchell was born and raised in Monroe, LA, and grew up eating some of the best jambalaya, po' boy, and crawfish boils there is. While Louisiana cuisine is not traditional Fourth of July BBQ food, I have never had it, so I think it would be the perfect opportunity to try it. I also specifically remember Mitchell telling me his rookie year that what he missed most about home was the food. So, if he can channel that nostalgia into his cooking, I'm sure all the food would be a 10/10. Plus, it doesn't hurt that Mitchell is one of the most easy-going guys on the team and would get along with anyone at my Fourth of July BBQ.

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