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What's Up with Dexter McDougle's Best Camp?

Jets' 4th-Year Corner Changed Diet, Offseason Workouts & Now Says, 'I Just Want to Keep It Going'


Dex is on a roll.

"I'm just happy to be out there. I'm just trying to take advantage of it," CB Dexter McDougle told me this week. He was talking about his play against Tennessee but he could've been referencing this entire week of practices. "I came to the sideline from the field today and I was like, Man, this is just so fun."

Here's a rundown of No. 23's week:

■ In the second half against the Titans, he got his hands on three Alex Tanney passes. We're aware that Tanney is not Marcus Mariota and of the relative significance of many summer stats, but McDougle is only the third Jet in the last seven preseasons to defense three passes in a game.

■ On Tuesday, McDougle had an impressive position drill, matching the receiver move for move, turning at the precise moment and picking off the pass.

"Yeah, man, I just locked it up, got my head around in time and got the pick," he said. "And I felt like during practice I should've had two more but I didn't get 'em. That's something I'll look at in the film room and make sure I get it next time.

■ Early Wednesday, McDougle nabbed a pass over the middle thrown by Christian Hackenberg.

McDougle's in his fourth season with the Jets since arriving as a third-round pick out of Maryland in 2014. What's behind his best camp as a pro?

"I changed my diet, did research on what's good for your body and what's not," he said. "Then just working out hard. I stayed here for the offseason — it's the first time I didn't go anywhere, no real vacation. I was really just about my work, just about business."

He said he dropped about 14 pounds and 6% body fat over the offseason. As a result, "Man, I'm out here moving around. I feel as fast as I've felt, so fast."

McDougle declined to speculate about how he might fit into the crowded corner picture, citing the usual don't-worry-about-the-things-you-can't-control approach.

But Dex is feeling it and he's ready to go in Detroit on Saturday night.

"I think the hard work's paying off, the sacrifices I've made are paying off," he said. "I just want to keep it going."

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