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What Do Q & Dennis Rodman Have in Common?

Todd Bowles Noted WR Quincy Enunwa’s Flexibility on ESPN Radio


Head coach Todd Bowles had an interesting comparison for wide receiver Quincy Enunwa in an interview this week with ESPN NY 98.7.

"He's a jack of all trades," Bowles told Don LaGreca and Greg Buttle. "He's like the Dennis Rodman on our team. He gets the rebounds, he dives on the floor for loose balls, he does a bunch of things. He can be a wideout, he can be an H, he blocks, he catches, he runs deep, he runs short. He gives us some options on offense when he comes in the game as to how they play him to what we can do."

The 6'2", 225-pound Enunwa was humbled to be linked to one of the grittiest players in NBA history.

"It's cool that he can compare me to somebody like that," said Enunwa. "Somebody that was just out there doing the dirty work because that's what I'm out here doing – the things that not everybody wants to do."

Enunwa, who is technically a second-year pro from Nebaska, racked up 22 catches for 315 yards last season and he was a key cog in an offense that finished No. 10 in rushing. He made clutch receptions down the stretch including a key third down conversion against the Cowboys in Week 15 and then a 48-yard catch and run against the Patriots a week later in overtime.   

The Jets like Enunwa's game because he can be a matchup problem for opponents  —  too fast for linebackers in coverage and too powerful for defensive backs in the run game. The hybrid is aiming to further improve his receiving game in the summer.

"I wanted to become a better receiver because the team also relies on me for that," said Enunwa. "I want to go out there and do what I'm supposed to be doing and I'm making sure that I'm making myself well rounded."

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