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Wednesday Player Interviews


Transcript of interviews with selected Jets players after Wednesday's morning training camp practice:   


On Rex Ryan…

When you play for a guy like Rex, you realize how the game's supposed to be played and how it's supposed to be coached and you want to continue that. There are a lot of great coaches in this league but when you find one that you believe in, and one that believes in you, you're got to run with it. And it was a big reason that I came here.

On his size…

I think I've always had that underdog mentality. It's just going out there every day knowing you have something to prove. There's always going to be someone whether it's a coach, a player or a fan that's going to doubt what you do and you just have to take that mentality. It's that training camp mentality. You have to take it all day every day. You know you have to prove yourself over and over. I kind of thrive in that role and I enjoy that role.

On the secondary…

Talent wise, we are right up there. When you look at guys like Darrelle Revis and Lito Sheppard who have both been to Pro Bowls, Kerry Rhodes has been close. Bring in a guy like Donald Strickland to play the nickel and there are a number of other guys as well on the second units right now. We can be really good in the secondary if we get our communication down and see a practice like today where we are locking down and communicating well. It's going to be tough for offenses to throw the ball and you air back to if we get a pass rush up front and stop the run with those big boys up front, we can be a dangerous defense.


On his weight...

I'm about 307. I'm going to play at 305. That's been my playing weight, and I feel comfortable. It gives me the ability to move quickly as well as sustain against the more powerful rushers and I feel comfortable at that size.

I feel the most comfortable as far as the weight is concerned. Last year I was able to be a consistent 305 the whole season. Knowing that I can put that weight issue aside and have confidence in playing at that size really allowed me to focus on other things. Focus on whether it be the small technical aspects, focus more on the plays, focus on the little fine details that raise a good player to a great player.

On the line…

You can see the Pro Bowlers that we have, whether it be Nick Mangold or Alan Faneca. Then the experienced vets Damien Woody and Brandon Moore. When you have that melting pot of talent and experience, you can only expect great things. Each one of those veterans have been tested and are game ready and everyone has had success in their own personal game. So when you combine everybody's efforts it really shows how great the unit can be.

On Rex Ryan bringing confidence to the team…

I think Rex Ryan is definitely a very confident individual and I think when you have someone who believes firmly in what he is speaking, you naturally absorb it. And you just begin to take on the mentality of your coach and so if he feels so confident in this, then I feel confident. You have somebody who is really directing, and saying this is where the team is going, this is what we want to do. And as a player it is my job to execute the coach's beliefs, their desires. This is ours. And I feel like as a team we've adopted that.

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