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Wednesday Player Interviews


Transcripts of interviews with selected Jets players during locker room media availability before Wednesday's midday practice:    


On if Seattle WR Deion Branch looks the same as he used too…

Yes, he does. With all the injuries that he has had, to still come out there and be productive when he is on the field, that is Deion. I can give anybody the heads-up on him. He is going to come to play on Sunday no matter what you might read, even if he has little nicks, bruises or injuries. On Sunday, Deion is going to come to play. He is a tough guy and he enjoys the game as well.

There are a few guys that I can say enjoy the game week in and week out. You can tell on their face even when they are competing. Deion is one of those guys, kind of like Hines Ward, that enjoys being out on the field. He's laughing, competing. He always has a smile on his face. It's weird because a lot of times I enjoy it but sometimes there is no time to smile, it's time to focus in. But some guys are able to do it and Deion is one of them.

On what the Jets' veterans can teach the younger players who haven't been in this position before…

In football, the game changes when you get late in the season. People are nicked and bruised, you are feeling aches and pains, but you still have to go out there and compete. The running game is going to be very important, as you can see this last game. The tackling, as far as the defense, is going to be more important than anything because people are going to try to run the ball. There are going to be weather conditions that are not suitable for you.

You have to buckle down and play hard-nosed football, old-school style. Even when you play a West Coast offense, you are probably going to see a lot more running than normal.

On if it's easy to look past the Seattle Seahawks…

No, Coach Mangini brought it up today: "Don't look at their record, look at their on-the-field performance." If you look at them, they are similar to San Francisco. Those guys go out there and play very hard.

On Sunday being Mike Holmgren's last home game as Seahawks coach…

They are going to be amped up because it's Mike Holmgren's last game and they are going to go play for him. I know they respect him and what better way to honor Mike Holmgren than to go out there and win his last home game. We have to be prepared for a hard-fought game. We have to be prepared for four hard-fought quarters and just take care of our business.


On playing against his brother, Julius, at Seattle on Sunday...

I am pretty used to it by now. It's the third time. It's always fun. My family gets to come and I get to hang out with them. Every time I get to play against him, it's like a dream come true. We dreamed of being running backs in the NFL as kids and we have a chance to play against each other. It's very unique. I am very thankful and very grateful.

On his thoughts on the game and what he talks about with his brother…

Obviously, it's a big game for us. We want to win, but you can ask my brother. I always wish him the best of luck and wish him the most success. I love my brother more than I love football. I want him to be healthy and have a great game. But I want to win.

On being selected to the Pro Bowl…

This is a team. It goes to my offensive line and my fullback doing a good job blocking for me all year. My linemen get all the yards and touchdowns that I have gotten. Once you get into your ninth year in the league, you go out there and you're really playing to win. Your goal is to win the Super Bowl.

By me going out there and playing to win, good things have happened. The offensive line has been doing well all year long and we have had a good relationship. I think everyone on the offensive line should have gone, I think Tony Richardson should have been the fullback, but that's not really up to me. It's a blessing and I am grateful for it.

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