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Wednesday Player Interviews


Transcripts of interviews with selected Jets players during locker room media availability before Wednesday's midday practice:    


On if the Jets need to get back to an aggressive mentality…

Yes, get back to when we started winning, attacking on both sides of the ball, stopping the run. [On Sunday] we were being attacked. We weren't being aggressive. For us now it's just getting back to what we do.

On if anyone says anything in the locker room before a game…

No, I think everybody knows. It's that feeling, that sense that most of the guys have, that you can just look in each other's eyes and know that this is one we've got to have and we are going to do everything possible to get it.

On San Francisco RB Frank Gore…

He's a good back. He is a tough inside runner. He runs with power and speed. Their offensive line does a lot of funky blocking schemes. It's just being aware of it and tackling. Last week we didn't do a great job of tackling. They got a lot of yards after contact.

On if practice will be tough this week…

Somewhat, it's still the same approach. [Head coach Eric] Mangini is the type of guy that will stick to his rules, his basics, and it will be a little more challenging. He'll probably be more in your face. I think for him he kind of took it personal. It should be a tough, focused week for us.


On if the secondary is the reason the team has not been able to put it together…

It's not just the secondary. I've said it a couple of times. In pass coverage everything has to be in sync, not just the defensive backs. The front has to get pressure, linebackers have to get their drops and make sure they have the right man. It's a combination of everything. Everything has to be intact for a pass defense to be effective. It's multiple things, not just as defensive backs.

On if the Jets expect the 49ers to pass a lot…

Not really. Their mentality has changed with Coach Singletary. They want to run the ball more. They have a great running back in Frank Gore who is doing a great job with those guys. He's been good since he's been in the league, since his rookie year. They have evolved more that way, but [OC Mike] Martz has his specialty passes that he always does each game. We will have to figure out those and see how they are going to attack us.

On the rest of the season…

We have four games and we are going to treat them as one-game seasons. They are playing well with Singletary. I think they are 3-2 since he has come in and they are playing tough and they are showing that on film. They have guys that can make plays. They have a tight end that's fast on his feet. He's probably faster than our fastest guy here, Drew [Coleman]. He is probably faster than him. They have weapons you have to watch out for.


On why the defensive sack numbers have dropped…

We have been playing a little bit more coverage. I know I have been covering more than rushing. Obviously that is not my decision that is more game plan. I guess sometimes that happens. It's just based on how they see us matching up and how they want to scheme things. We're winning with it.

Ideally, me personally, I like to rush a little bit more, but it's not a problem. Whatever is called I am willing to do, but I envision the numbers picking back up. It's not that we are getting blocked up. We have just been covering a little bit more.

On if there is a level of disgust this week…

Yes, it's definitely there. I just think we came out too flat. We just didn't have the energy. For whatever reason we didn't get started well. Sometimes you are not going to win them all. Ideally you want to, but to play against a team of that caliber who has been to the playoffs and who is looking to go again to the playoffs this year, you can't come out like that.

For whatever the reason we just didn't match whatever they did. Everything they did against us, our answers just didn't match, and we have to be better than that.

On if the defense's pride was hurt…

Yes, but you know the thing is that as bad as we played we still could have made a run at the end. With the long pass, up until that point, at the very end we still had our chances. We just have to find a way in that type of game to put the fire out in whatever way it is, whether it is causing turnovers, getting a third-down stop. We just have to get better.

But the beauty of it is we have another one this Sunday. We have to bounce back and I think we will.

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