TRANSIT: Easier Than Ever to Enter, Exit


Jets fans have turned pregame tailgating into an art form. What could be more color-coordinated than a mouth-watering menu that includes, for the sake of argument, key lime margaritas, chili verde, prosciutto-wrapped asparagus and porterhouses on the hibachi, stamped with an NY branding iron?

Of course, one reason tailgating became a Green & White tradition was the time it took to get into the parking lots. If you've got to arrive at 9 a.m. to beat the traffic and find a great parking space for a 1 o'clock kickoff, what better way to pass the time than noshing in comfort and style with good friends?

We hope we don't put a crimp in the pregame plans of all you epicures of the asphalt, but we thought you'd like to know that with triple the amount of roadways into the New Jets Stadium's lots, you might be able to get an extra half-hour in the rack before firing up the grill.

But let's say that, even if you're tailgating, you're not driving to the game in a vehicle with a tailgate. You worked late Saturday night, or you get off to a late start, and you're dreading the commute to the Meadowlands because you'll arrive just as your quarterback is kneeling down to run out the final seconds of the first half.

No need to stress with the new rail line from New York's Penn Station that will drop you off at the Stadium's northeast gate. With a good connection, you'll go the distance in 16 minutes. As for the loyal Long Islanders who want to throw up their hands and say "What's the use?" here's the use: You can take the LIRR from, for example, Hempstead Station to Penn Station in 52 minutes.

You'll have plenty of company on your Jets trek: An estimated 10,000 people will take the train to the game, compared to just 3,500 hardy souls who jump on public transportation now. And when you step off the train, hopefully you'll be packing your A-One. Steak sauce, that is. You may not have brought your full tailgating regalia, but a few other folks will have.

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