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Todd Bowles, 8 Takeaways on Day 1

Dishes with the Media on His 2nd Training Camp as Jets Coach, Fitz's Arrival & Sheldon's Suspension


There were some Ryan Fitzpatrick signing questions for Todd Bowles on the first day of his second training camp as Jets head coach, but a few other important topics were also broached. Here are eight takeaways from Bowles' first post-practice news conference of the summer:

1. Fitzpatrick's Return"I'm just happy we have everybody in camp which gives us a chance to get some camaraderie, get down some chemistry. We have everybody here to compete and that's a good thing."

2. Fitz's Tight Entrance"He came in the door at about one minute to seven and said, 'Sorry I'm late, Coach.' I told him, 'That's a $12 million fine."

3. QB Competition?"It's Fitzpatrick's job. I said he was the starter in the spring. Geno has a chance. It's OK to have two quarterbacks. That's a good problem to have. You never know what might happen. But based on last year, I think he's earned it."

4. What a Difference a Year Makes"I have a better idea of what I have and what I'm going to do going forward. It's good to get all the guys back healthy and we didn't have any offseason problems, so this year is a little calmer than last year."

5. PUP Concerns"No, I don't think so. Breno Giacomini will be out for more than a week with his back hurting him. I think the rest of them are on schedule."

6. Richardson's 1-Gamer"It's still a game missed and we've got to adjust. It's good to know early so we can adjust in camp going forward. It's better than the four games he missed last year. We were without him for four games, I think we can go without him for one."

7. Tough Sixpack on Their Mind?"No, we're just trying to get better. We got in here on the first day, we've got to get fundamentally sound and get better that way. We only play one game at a time so you can only worry about one game at a time. As the Cincinnati game gets closer, we'll worry about Cincinnati. It doesn't matter who we play — if you win 10 games or double figures, your schedule is going to be tougher. That's part of the league."

8. Todd's Take on Brandon-Fitz Instagram Selfie"They're good friends. They're BFFs with a heart around it. That's about what I can take from that."

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