The Official Jets Podcast Recap: Braden Mann

Rookie P Talks Growing Up in Texas, Playing LB in High School; Bart Scott Previews Jets-Bills


Jets P Braden Mann joined this week's edition of The Official Jets Podcast powered by AWS and discussed growing up in Texas, playing LB in high school, transitioning from Texas A&M to the NFL and more. Bart Scott also joins to preview Jets-Bills in Week 7. Podcast highlights include:

  • 2:50 – Adjusting to the Northeast as a guy from Texas.
  • 5:39 – Texas football both in high school and college .
  • 9:13 – Playing LB in high school and his pride in tackling as a punter.
  • 13:00 – The intricacies of punting.
  • 16:33 – Holding for the placekicker.
  • 22:00 – Jets-Bills preview with Bart Scott.

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