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The Man Behind the (Jets) Bus

Jets Diehard Has Been Cruising to Games and Training Camp in Style


On average, there are close to 75,000 fans that travel to each Jets home game. However, not many travel quite like Alex Klein. A Long Island native, Klein has been cruising to games in his green and white minibus for the past five seasons, but has been a diehard Jets fan for much longer.

Klein's father was the director of public relations at Hofstra University for 27 years. Alex can remember the day he walked into his office, only to be stunned by his father's guest; former Jets LB Kyle Clifton.  Klein remembers turning toward his father and asking, "Dad, do you know who that is?" before quickly being ushered out of the room.

It was shortly after that Alex discovered his father had lunch with Jets president Jim Kensil several times a week. After much pleading, Klein's father came home with tickets.

"We went to a Dolphins-Jets game and sat in the family section at Shea Stadium. Ever since then, I was a diehard fan."

Decades later, Klein is in his 25th season as a season ticket holder. When asked about some of his favorite memories, he has to sift through dozens of moments.

"One of my biggest memories was when I was at the playoff game in '09 in San Diego. I was sitting behind the Jets bench and Kerry Rhodes threw me a ball…I finally got it autographed last summer. [He] was at camp. I was pretty excited about that."

Klein is also the creator of 'The Largest Facebook Group of New York Jets Fans,' which boasts nearly 16,000 members. It was through this group that Klein's minibus came to be.

He saw the bus for sale on the fan page and figured he'd give it a look, not intending to actually purchase the vehicle. It was his wife, Gail, who convinced him that it was a worthwhile investment.

For Klein, his bus has not only become a place to hold his memorabilia, it has also become a meeting ground. Once he arrives at the stadium, the bus is quickly unloaded and becomes the centerpiece of a large tailgate with his family and friends.

Purchasing a bus might seem extravagant to some fans. But, at the end of the day, Klein's reasoning is simple and sound. "It's a passion. It's part of me."

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