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The Best of This Week's EA Podcasts

The Top 4 Highlights from the Week 6 Podcasts with Chad Pennington and Bart Scott


Chad's Take**

  • Quincy Enunwa has been the most productive player on this Jets offense *

*CP: Offensively, sometimes I think most valuable doesn't necessarily mean most productive. Sometimes your most valuable player provides a lot of value with just his presence, even though his stats aren't there. So I am going to stay away from MVP, and I will use the term most productive, and I really like the production of Quincy Enunwa. I think he has provided the spark when the offense has needed it. He really has stepped into that role with Eric Decker gone. I think the Jets should be excited about his production and what he's been able to do. He made some amazing plays on Sunday, that touchdown run was awesome, and he's done that throughout the year. I've been impressed with him. *

  • Three keys to victory in Miami

*CP: Number one, and it's obvious, is the run game for the defense. You've got a Dolphins team and runner that are coming off back-to-back 200-yard games, which is impressive. You can see how that has made their wins so much smoother. Also it has provided production at the quarterback position because when you can rush for 200 yards that makes things a little bit easier. Not allowing the Dolphins to establish their mindset and will on you with the run game is number one. Number two is eliminating the big plays defensively. Number three, offensively, is turnovers. Stay away from turnovers. The Jets will win the game if they stay away from turnovers because then they will win the time of possession. 

Bart's Take**

  • David Harris is still "Good Ol' Reliable" for this Jets defense

*BS: He's like the midsection. You know, people always concentrate on the upper body or concentrate on the lower body, but none of that stuff is increased without a midsection. He is the glue guy. He's the guy that brings the front end and the back end of the defense together. *

  • Jets' D-Line vs. Miami's O-Line

*BS: I think the Miami Dolphins are probably the no. 5 offensive line in the game in the game right now…You look at the resurgence of the ground game and it's basically because of the resurgence of the offensive line. You're talking about Miami having Branden Albert, who we would all agree is a Pro Bowl caliber guy. They gave him $50 million a couple years ago from Kansas City. He was a big acquisition, he's just been injured.  Then you put him next to the rookie, Laremy Tunsil, who was really a top ten pick but dropped. Then you put him next to arguably the top three center…on the other side is a second-round pick in Ja'Wuan James who is no pushover. *

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