The Best of this Week's EA Podcast

Top 3 Highlights from EA and Bart Scott's Week 11 Podcast



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  1. The Jets Coaching Staff's Time to "Self-Scout"

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"This is the first time you can take a deep breath, self-scout, see what you do well and see what you do wrong. I think the Jets need to look at how other teams view them. Do some self-scouting as if they were their own opponent…Change some game plans, change some tendencies."

  1. Bart at MSG's McGregor Fight


"He put on a great show. He's a great personality, and for the first time ever in New York it did not disappoint. Next time, I think they are going to need a more exciting contest. The thing is about those fights…they are so short that sometimes the fans can leave with a dissatisfied taste in their mouth. You kind of want to see some blood and guts."

  1. Bart and EA Talk Wrestling

"Growing up in the 80's, wrestling was the biggest thing. You know, it was Hulk Hogan and Jordan was coming into the fold, too. The 80's was kind of ruled by wrestling."

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