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SUITES: Luxury with a View -and a Lot Else


New Jets Stadium Suites

Go ahead, say it. You wouldn't mind an even higher level of stadium entertainment. You'd be thrilled to feel as if you're in the huddle with your team, or on the stage with your band. And you'd love to be able to call an audible and take advantage of exclusive amenities provided just for you and your close friends and associates.

Luxury suites combine elegant and luxurious surroundings with an extraordinary view of the game, concert or special event to provide an unparalleled viewing experience.

Located on four separate levels, our David Rockwell-designed, sideline-only suites offer a range in size from 12 to 24 guests and combine the convenience of personalized service with high-end amenities such as:

*  Private access road to VIP parking

*  Choice of traditional or contemporary interior

*  Private suiteholder entrance and lobby

*  Private suite level washrooms

*  Multiple flat-panel televisions

*  Wet bar and refrigerator

To learn more about suite ownership, call Mark Bingham, New Jets Stadium suite sales, at 201 355-0648

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