Real Talk: Bilal Powell

A Man of Few Words Gave Me a Few Words After Practice


Bilal Powell served as the third receiving weapon and a key contributor in Sunday's "W" over the Giants. His eight receptions on the day were the most for a Jets RB since Leon Washington's eight in 2007. ICYMI:

Powell took some time to talk to me about life outside of football. Ten Q's for No. 29 starts now:

Texting or Calling?


Dogs or Cats?


Game Face or Smile?

(Making other people) "Smile."

Numbers or Letters?


Nonetheless, here are some of the top letters surrounding Bilal in the Twittiverse this week:


Vegas or Miami?

"Never been to Vegas. Miami."

Theme Park or Fair?

"Theme park."

Singing or Dancing?


Snapbacks or fitted hats?


Biggie or Tupac?



Beach or Mountains?


And there you have it. Because sometimes a man of few words, only needs a few words.

Just keep doing your thing, B-Pow. And we'll all see you…

...on Sunday.

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