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Quinnen Williams Wants to Be a 'Swiss Army Knife' in 2024

DT Says Jets Have Added ‘Unbelievable’ Defensive Talent 


Even as Quinnen Williams prepares for this sixth year in the NFL, he continues to emphasize improving his skillset as a pass rusher.

"My main area of focus has just been getting a bigger bag when it comes down to pass rushing," Williams said. "I feel like I do some things good in pass rush but just getting a bigger bag and more tools that I can use on Sundays. That was really my main goal. I've been working on right side pass rushing and left side pass rushing so that I can be like a Swiss Army Knife."

While Williams is determined to improve, one of the best at the position, Aaron Donald, has retired. The eight-time All Pro and three-time Defensive Player of the Year played 10 seasons in the NFL. Williams looked up to Donald and has and tried to model his game after the former L.A. Rams player.

"I was very happy for him, he did it his way," Williams said. "On the field and off the field he was a great person, a great leader and a phenomenal person to watch when it comes down to learning the tools. He just set the example for every single defensive tackle when it comes down to the blueprint of how to be a great player. Especially in that position, how to change games and how to affect games in that position."

With Donald retiring, Williams is now among in a smaller pool of top defensive tackles in the league. Last season, Pro Football Focus ranked Williams third overall (90.6) among interior defensive lineman after Dexter Lawrence and Donald. Williams had the highest run-defense grade (90.4) with 15 tackles for loss or no gain, the most among players at his position. He also totaled the best pass-rusher rate among qualifying interior defenders (16.1%).

"I never thought about that," he said. "I know I get that question a lot and a lot of people see it on social media, but I think there's a lot of unbelievable guys. You got Dexter Lawrence over there at the Giants, you got [Justin] Madubuike, you got Chris Jones who has been a phenomenal player for the last five years. So, I'm just trying to be the best player I can be and just win football games for the New York Jets. I learned from each and every one of these guys, each and every one of the defensive tackles, especially in my position, and just try to emulate what they do."

Since last season, the Jets have added multiple players to their already top-five-ranked defensive roster. Two people that have Williams excited include DL Javon Kinlaw and LB Haason Reddick.

"It's been unbelievable," Williams said. "You got guys like Kinlaw coming from San Fran with the same exact scheme as here. He's an unbelievable guy that I've been watching since he beat up on Alabama at South Carolina. I've been keeping up with his career and the great things he's done. You got Haason Reddick, an unbelievable, MVP-caliber type of edge rusher, defensive player of the year coming over from the Eagles. You got a lot of guys that have just been coming in and I'm super excited for the organization, the team itself, to add some unbelievable people and players."

As the players gear up for training camp in July they are working on what they call their "Just One Thing" or the one thing they could improve on from last season. Williams has a high standard for what the Jets' defense can accomplish this year, but it starts with each and every player one of them.

"There's a lot of things we could do," Williams said. "It all starts off with personal play. It comes down to each and every one of our personal goals and personal JOT's. Just figuring out how we can be the best player individually and that'll make us a great unit. We definitely have to be consistent, definitely not get complacent and just execute at a high level."

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