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Player Q&A: Jerricho Cotchery


Cotchery works through the Packer defense

Name:Jerricho Cotchery

Position/Experience: Wide Receiver, 6th Year

What's it like not having Laveranues Coles around anymore?It's a little different, man. He'd been here for a while. He was a great joy to be in the locker room with. When you have a big personality like that and it leaves the locker room, you definitely miss it.

Do you think not being a big talker has made you underrated on a national level?

I really don't worry about being underrated, or none of that stuff.  Being the type of guy that I am, you know you're not going to be out there.  Art Monk, John Taylor and coach Henry Ellard weren't the 'rah-rah' guys, but they had great careers and you can't take that from them. I'm just trying to work my tail off each and every day, so I can hopefully have a career that I want to have.

Who's the best route runner in the game right now?

There are some good route runners out there.   I've always loved the way Torry Holt runs his routes. Chad Johnson is a great route runner also, and the guy that just went to Cincinnati — Laveranues Coles — is a great route runner as well and a lot of people don't realize that. 

What's it like having WR coach Henry Ellard around?

He's a big blessing to me. He's a guy that played well in the NFL for a long time and he has so much knowledge. He translated that knowledge from playing and is a very good coach. To take all of that information will help me become a player that I need to be. I think it's going to help me succeed in this league.

Would it surprise you if the Jets pursued Plaxico Burress?

No, it wouldn't surprise me — it wouldn't surprise me at all. Plaxico Burress on the market, at this time of year, that doesn't happen. That doesn't happen in the NFL and to have that type of guy on the market, you have to inquire about him. 

Who was your favorite receiver growing up?

Jerry Rice. Pretty much everybody liked Jerry Rice, but once I started to get older I became familiar with Torry Holt.   I started watching him (Holt) at NC State and he became one of my favorite guys.

What would you tell people who are considering adoption?

It's a blessing. Some people think that it's something that they can't do – that's what I thought, I thought it was something that I couldn't do because my parents have a lot of kids and I was expecting to be a guy to have a bunch of kids like my parents.   But you never know until you go through the process and you get that kid because you're going to feel like it's yours. And then once you see that kid, it's going to be yours. My daughter, man, I couldn't have imagined me loving her the way I love her now and it's been a huge blessing to my life to have my daughter right now.

How is Jacey doing?

She's doing great, turned two in August. She's doing a lot of talking right now, like her mom. She has her mom's personality, so it's been a huge blessing.

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