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Pick 6: Lorenzo Mauldin

Jets’ Linebacker Talks Cooking Pasta, Travel and Family in this Edition of Pick 6.


Your name is Lorenzo Mauldin IV. Are you actually the fourth Lorenzo in the family?

*LM: Yeah, it's been going on for a minute. My dad is the third, and I actually just met Lorenzo Junior. I am just now getting back in touch with my father, so I met my grandfather for the first time over the summer. We celebrated Father's Day together. It was great. *

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Favorite offseason activity?

*LM: Travel. I went to Mexico last year. It was just the second time I've ever left the country, other than going to London for our game last season. I want to go explore everything in Europe. *

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You had red hair at Louisville and then you died it green for the Jets. I see you're back to your au naturel look. Why the change?

LM: I just did it to show team spirit and stuff like that. I got tired of going back and forth to the salon. After a while, it started to break my hair, so I went back to the straight black twist-ups.

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What's one of your goals in life other than football?

*I want to start my own foundation for less fortunate kids and foster children. Mostly, because of what I grew up with. I want to be the philanthropist that everybody talks about. Not to make myself look good either, just genuinely for the kids. People did it for me, so I want to return the favor. *

LB Lorenzo Mauldin working on his pass rushing after a day off #jets #JetsCamp — Alex Giaimo (@alexgiaimojets) August 2, 2016

Can you cook?*

*Yeah, I love to cook pasta. Different types of pasta. Most people like to eat Hamburger Helper out of the box, but I make my own meat sauce. I mix it up. Sometimes I put chicken, pork or beef in there. *

* *

What's one of your biggest pet peeves in life?

*People who don't understand me for who I actually am. I guess it's like the saying, "Don't judge a book by its cover." You might know what's going on with somebody physically, but mentally they can be all screwed up, and you would never know because they try to hide it. *

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