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Missant Diary: Win Streak Continues


Missant Diary: Win Streak Continues

Frankfurt Galaxy offensive lineman Charles Missant has been allocated to NFL Europe from the New York Jets.  Missant will keep a weekly NFL Europe Diary through the season for This week the Galaxy starting center talks about how the Galaxy have kept their winning streak alive and looks ahead to this weekend's clash with the Rhein Fire.

Last weekend we squeezed out another victory to give us a four-game winning streak.  I thought we were very fortunate.  Our defense kept us in the game the entire day, while our offense didn't play so well.  We still managed to rush for 170 yards and Aaron Hosack (wide receiver) saved the day at the end of the game again.  Our game plan is obviously to dominate, and I didn't feel like we did that last weekend.  I felt like we could have played better, but we were fortunate to get a win.  We'll take that outcome every time.

This week it has been gorgeous outside.  Finally, the weather has turned around.  I'm actually writing this from my 6th floor balcony, and it is probably around 75 degrees outside right now.  It's been great to see the weather turn around.  It kind of reminds me of the Midwest a little bit in the sense that you don't feel any heat until May.  It's nice to have good weather because everybody seems to be a bit more pleasant. 

We're playing a tough football team in the Rhein Fire this weekend.  They have a stout defense that plays hard and smart.  We watched film this week and made adjustments where they were needed, and we fixed the things that needed to be corrected.  We know what to expect.  This is the second time we'll have faced them, and it will be nice to have the home field advantage this time around.  We just need to execute on offense and put some points up on the board. 

It's weird how things work in this league.  There are three teams at the top of the standings, and three teams that are out of World Bowl contention.  If we continue to do what we do and work together as a team, we just might find ourselves playing for a World Bowl championship.  We're looking at taking it one game at a time and not underestimating any team we play.

Casey and I were trying to plan another trip sometime before we head back to the States, but I'm not sure if I will have time to venture outside of Frankfurt again.  Europe is a place that I will definitely return to someday.  I have had such great experiences here, and there is so much that I still want to see. 

I'm looking forward to getting back to the States after the season.  It will be great to see my family and pets again.  I have to go straight to the Jets facility for OTA's (Organized Team Activities), but when I get back it will be nice to reconnect with all my friends, family, and team members. 

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