Mangini: This Can't Happen Again


The following quotes were obtained from the Jacksonville Jaguars PR Department

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(On the game)  "Obviously very disappointing.  They just physically beat us up, and out executed us in every phase of the game.  It was offense, it was defense, it was special teams, it was coaching.  Across the board they played better.  They were more physical, they executed better and I give them credit for doing that.  We need to respond a lot better than we did.  But it's all phases.  We all own this one across the board.  The only way this game is going to mean something is if we can take something away from it, learn from it and make sure it doesn't happen again.  That's the key thing.  For this game to mean something and be significant in terms of our growth is if we learn from the mistakes we made and make sure they don't happen again.  It was across the board, a group effort on our part, 100% on that effort and outcome."

(On why the offense has struggled in the 1st quarter all season)  "We put together a plan, starting fast is something we have been emphasizing and it hasn't worked out they way that we want too.  We'll keep addressing it, keep working at it and try to get a better start.  It's not just the offense, it's the defense, and we have some problems there with some plays defensively.  It's something collectively we are going to have to address and collectively we have to do a better job with."

(On if he is disappointed more with the effort or execution)  "I'm disappointed with all aspects.  I'm disappointed with the way we played on offense, the way we played on defense and the way we played on special teams and the way we coached the game.  I think whenever you have a win or a loss it is a group effort.  A loss like this everyone shares equal responsibility and everybody needs to improve."

(On if he is angry)  "It's a combination of feelings.  It's disappointment, its anger, it's the understanding that we need to continually improve.  This wasn't improvement.  This wasn't growth and it wasn't progress.  The only way we are going to continue to grow is to evaluate what we did poorly and make sure it doesn't happen again."

(On why he kept (Chad) Pennington in the game so long)  "We were in it as a group, we are always in it as a group and Chad (Pennington) was leading the offense.  At that point I thought he should be able to continue to lead the offense."

(On if he ever considered going to (Patrick) Ramsey much earlier in the game)  "No.  Chad (Pennington) is someone I believe in whole-heartedly.  I believe in him.  I think that is important."

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