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Little Offseason Change for McCareins


Little Offseason Change for McCareins

This offseason, the Jets organization has been showered by change.  From the players, to the front office, all the way to the head coach, change is virtually everywhere.

Fortunately for newly appointed offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer, wide receiver Justin McCareins didn't change a thing.

McCareins has never experimented with new offseason workouts.  The only difference in this year's regime is perhaps the most important; he feels better.  With 42 career starts over the past three seasons, he is confident in himself to determine how his body is, in accordance to seasonal preparation.

"At this point of my career I know what I need to do to get better, it's just a matter of being consistent and doing it," said the veteran entering his sixth season.  "There's no magic formula or anything.  I know my body; I know how to get the most out of it."

Alongside a heaping of teammates, McCareins has been a staple figure around the complex, more then five months before the season even kicks off.  Whether it has been tossing around iron in the weight room or piercing through the hazy air of early May sprints, McCareins has fine-tuned his physique through the voluntary workouts, eager to elevate his play. 

"This offseason I have been taking it to another level," said McCareins, following early sprinting and lifting sessions.  "I want to be in the best physical condition possible, most cardiovascular and strength wise."

In addition to his adamant preparation, McCareins feels as though he and the Jets offense will be primed and ready for success.  He believes his new coordinator will experience success on the East Coast. 

"I'm really excited about Coach Schottenheimer; I've been meeting with him and getting real familiar with the offense,"  McCareins said. "Obviously he had much success in San Diego but we have all the ability on this team as well, it is just a matter of executing his plan.  I feel we can be just as productive."

For the majority of this offseason, McCareins has focused on his personal growth and the future accomplishments of the Jets.  For one weekend, however, his mind strayed elsewhere.

Last week, McCareins went home to Illinois to help out a fellow NFL player.  His younger brother Jay, who was a potential draft prospect, was signed as an undrafted free agent by the Arizona Cardinals.  Jay McCareins, a senior cornerback from Princeton, was scouted by many professional teams following a stellar Ivy League career in which he excelled on defense, offense (as wide receiver) and as a kick returner.

"I was home for the draft; I went through all the stress with him," Justin said.  "I was giving him a good idea of what he should expect going in, he's a smart kid, he's a hard worker and I know he'll do well."

Off the field, life at the McCareins' house, in complete opposition to the Jets organization, has remained relatively unchanged except for one detail.

"My son, LJ (Little Justin) is about 18 months," said the elder Justin.  "He's got his own personality now.  He's becoming a little boy not a little baby anymore."

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