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Jets Nation Enjoys Weekend at SPiN New York

Current and Former Players Highlight Four Sessions at 2017 Jets House


Jets House 2017 was filled to the brim as hundreds of the Jets faithful interacted with current and former players at SPiN New York.

"This venue is great," said Eugene Kim, a three-year season ticket holder. "It's a large space, you have room to maneuver and interact with the fans and the selection of players who came was amazing."

The two-day event, which included four separate all-you-can-eat-and-drink sessions, featured Ping-Pong, trivia, Q&As, a virtual reality lounge and an autograph section.

"It's great," Muhammad Wilkerson said. "I feel like we have the greatest fans. You know they're going to ride with you through thick and thin. They're always coming out at MetLife showing support for us so being able to interact with them and spend some time with them talking about football and other things is great."

Wilkerson was very active throughout all four sessions as he participated in Q&As, signed memorabilia and even helped a fan win his trivia matchup. Between all the various activities, one particular moment stood out to the Linden, NJ native.

"There was a dad and son playing Ping-Pong and they won some free tickets from JetBlue," he said. "I presented it to them and they were extremely happy. That was the best part."

Table tennis skills were certainly not imperative as most of the players that attended said their skills could use some improvement.

"I'm probably a C player," Chad Pennington said. "But I heard there were some professionals in here so I know there are some really good Ping-Pong players."

Pennington may have shied away from the table, but he was extremely active with the fans throughout the day.

"They get a chance to see us without the helmet on, ask us questions and see that we're people just like them," he said. "What I really enjoy as a former player, fans appreciate what you did for the organization. It's really neat when you have a guy come up to you and say, 'Hey, man, I watched you my whole childhood, you were my guy.' It makes you feel really good."

In fact, as a father of three boys, Pennington even gave fatherly advice to a fan who is expecting a baby boy soon.  

"It's great because you always have those memories and those stories," Kim said. "You always have the signatures and pictures, but the memories will always stay with you. It's the fact that you have the small, intricate conversations. I talked to Chad Pennington and told him my wife is pregnant. He said he has three boys, and I'm expecting a boy so he gave me advice."

The event brought together Jets fans of all ages and a smile on every face whether it was from bonding with the family or meeting up with favorite players.

"It's just all positive," Wilkerson said. "Come in, meet the players, interact with us, play some Ping-Pong and have a good time and be happy. At the end of the day, that's really what it's all about."

The Jets Kicked Off 2017 with Jets House 2017 at SPiN in New York City

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