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Jets' Matchup with the Patriots Is a Hot Ticket

Only a Few Hundred Seats Remain for Sunday's Game at MetLife Stadium

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After sweeping the Packers and the Broncos in Weeks 6 and 7, the Jets return to MetLife Stadium Sunday for a matchup with the New England Patriots. With the surging Jets on a four-game win streak and the Patriots looking to climb back to .500, a raucous atmosphere is expected.

Tickets are in hot demand, with only a few hundred left. Migual Suarez, who's been a Jets season ticket holder since the Stadium opened in 2010, will be there unless someone is willing to pay a hefty price. For his two end zone seats in Section 123, Row 16, you can purchase them on Ticketmaster for $36,304.00.

"I'm just saying if someone gave me $18,000 per ticket, I would definitely stay at home," he said. "Otherwise, I am going to go to the game."

The Jets are 5-2 and own the third-best record in the AFC while the Pats are in last place in the division. This is only the second time Bill Belichick's Patriots will face the Jets in Week 8 or later with a worse record than the NYJ. The Patriots have won the last 12 in the series including a sweep last season by a combined score of 79-19.

"I've seen a Patriots do a lot of bad stuff," Suarez said. "So, that's why I feel like it's like a revenge game."

After dropping their season opener to the Ravens, the Jets have won of five of six. They will unveil a new Black Stealth Helmet in Week 8 and pair them with their fan-favorite black uniforms.

"Coach Saleh really seems to have everything together well," Suarez said. "He understands like the ground and pound. Like he was quoted saying like body blows are how you take down a big opponent. Just wearing them down slowly. Staying in the fight, I guess. So, I respect that."

During the week, Saleh was asked what he enjoyed about coaching the Jets.

"The fanbase, mainly. It's a phenomenal fanbase, a passionate fanbase. It's amazing," he said. "You sit back and think of all the big wigs and media, and everyone is a Jets fan. You go to Long Island and everyone is a Jets fan. You walk around New Jersey and New York, and it seems that everyone is a Jets fan, and they're proud no matter what. So, it makes you proud to wear these colors. It makes you proud to be a Jet. Hopefully, it stays that way for the next… hopefully we get a Bill Belichick run."

The Jets have asked fans get to their seats no later than 12:45pm for player introductions, the fan-led national anthem and kickoff. At 12pm, fireworks will signal tailgaters that it's time to enter the Stadium.

Jets fans will be out in full force Sunday to cheer their home team and salute D'Brickahsaw Ferguson as he enters the team's Ring of Honor. It's a must-see matchup and for Migual Suarez to miss it — he'll only give up his pair for a cool $36,304.00.

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