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Jets-Giants Locker Room Sound Bites

Fitzpatrick on a Forté Strength, Richardson on Having Wilkerson Back Flying Around on Defense

Selected quotes from the Jets' and Giants' MetLife Stadium locker rooms after the Jets' 21-20 preseason loss to the Giants:

Ryan Fitzpatrick on how hard it is to gauge where the Jets offense is without Brandon Marshall, who sat out the game with a sore hip..."It's tough. I think we feel pretty good right now. I don't know that those three games were a great indication of where we feel we are. But we've obviously got a tough defense in Cincinnati that we're going to open up with and we can't start slow, we've got to come out firing. Now all the focus and attention will kind of go toward that."

Fitzpatrick on what he saw from Matt Forte in his first game action as a Jets RB..."One thing you notice about him is that he's not going to have many negative-yard runs, just with his vision. He knows when the play's up. He's not trying to hit a home run every play. Going from first-and-10 to second-and-7 instead of second-and-11 is going to be a big thing this year."

Bryce Petty on if his tipped interception returned for a TD early in the fourth quarter was a timing issue..."It's a stupidity thing on my part. I can't let that happen. We're in the red zone, we've got points. If it's not there, make the smart decision to throw it away. I was doing that but I didn't do it the smartest way it should've been done, which is just throwing it as hard as you can at his feet and live to see another down."

Christian Hackenberg on his emotions after throwing his touchdown pass to Robby Anderson..."It was sweet. I wanted to go celebrate with my guys. I thought it was big for us and the team at that point in time. Robby made a great play, understood the coverage, went to our landmark and he was able to finish that off."

Head coach Todd Bowles on how happy he was with the first offense's improved chemistry..."We can get even better, but it got better in the first half. They worked some things out and worked themselves out of jams and made some plays, but they missed some, too. They can get better."

DE Sheldon Richardson about seeing DE Muhammad Wilkerson on the field for the first game this preseason..."It was great seeing him out there. I was glad to see him flying around, making plays all over the backfield, up the field. He was all over the place."

LB Julian Stanford, whose solid second half included a fourth-and-goal PD in the end zone to successfully conclude a Jets goal line stand..."I don't necessarily count how many reps I'm getting. If my number's called, I prepare myself well to the best of my ability to try to utilize every opportunity I get. So whether I get 10 snaps, 20 snaps, five snaps, I'm going to make those the five, 10, 20 best snaps that I can, put the best film out there and let the chips fall how they may."

Giants rookie CB Eli Apple on being disappointed that Jets WR Brandon Marshall didn't play..."Yeah, I definitely was watching a lot of film trying to study him, and then you find out right before kickoff that he's not going to play. I was like, 'Shoot.' I wanted the chance, but he is a great receiver and I probably might be able to see him down the road."

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