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Jets C.J. Mosley Excited to Lead All-Alabama LB Group

Kwon Alexander Joins MLB and Quincy Williams on Defense


A native of Mobile, AL, LB C.J. Mosley takes pride in being from the Heart of Dixie. So, when GM Joe Douglas added Alabama natives Kwon Alexander and Quincy Williams over the past two off seasons, Mosley was delighted by the prospect of playing in the All-Alabama LB corps.

In September 2021, Douglas claimed Williams, a former resident of Birmingham, off waivers and then signed Oxford, AL, product Alexander last week. Mosley did not know about Alexander's hometown until a day or two ago.

"I knew he went to LSU, but I never knew he was from Alabama," he said. "We have a few Alabama guys on our roster this year and it is awesome."

Now that he knows, Mosley is excited to defend along with the other guys from Alabama.

"It is always awesome to see people from your hometown or home state make it to this level," Mosley said. "Because there were a lot of people who were unable to for whatever circumstances."

Mosley is entering Year 3 with the Jets and the eighth of his NFL career. He has accumulated four Pro Bowl and All-Pro selections and his 494 career tackles are the most of any player of any player from the 2014 draft.

Also, during his first five seasons in Baltimore, Mosley's Ravens teams were sub-.500 once and won 42 regular-season games.

Mosley's focus is on winning and success with whomever, but when he heard about guys from his home state playing in the NFL, he could not help but be excited.

"You are just glad to see guys older and younger that are able to provide for themselves, their family and their community," he said. "You ask Kwon how he is doing, and he says 'legendary.' He brings that same mindset to the field."

Alexander played last season with New Orleans and Mosley knows what he can do on the field. His talent makes the hometown connection even sweeter.

"He is trying to make plays, shooting his gaps, trying to get the ball out, that is just the player he is," Mosley said. "Also, he has been in this system and definitely knows what to do in certain situations. So, that helps our linebacker room out a lot."

To encounter Mosley, Alexander and Williams you only have to walk a quick lap around the Atlantic Health Training Center locker room to chat with them all.

But to travel between all their hometowns, you only have to drive south for about four and half hours through Alabama. It is a unique bond.

See the Green & White on the field in full pads during week two at training camp.

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