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Jets-49ers: Locker Room Sound Bites

Quotes By and About Bryce Petty, Bilal Powell, Robby Anderson & the Jets' Rebound on Defense

Selected quotes from the Jets and San Francisco locker rooms and interview rooms in Levi's Stadium following the Jets' come-from-behind 23-17 overtime win this afternoon:

Jets head coach Todd Bowles on Bilal Powell's performance..."He did a yeoman's job. If it wasn't for him, I don't know if we would have even won this game. He single-handedly, from our point of view at least, broke every tackle he could break, he caught every ball, he ran, he blocked. He did everything, and he had outstanding effort."

Bowles on what made the difference in the Jets' defense turning its rebound from a slow start..."Some guys stepped up and made some plays. Fourth-and-1 [their fourth-and-2 stop from the Jets 37 in overtime] is what I'm used to seeing. The first drive, second drive of the game is not what I'm used to seeing. But they stepped up and took charge on the fourth-and-1."

QB Bryce Petty on if he'll be able to better control his "butterflies" for his next start, at home on Saturday night vs. Miami..."Yeah I hope so. I hope that feeling starts to leave the more games I get in there. In the sense that I like being nervous, I love it. I feel like the day that I stop getting nervous for football is probably the day I'm going to hang it up. I'm just so passionate about football and it's that feeling that football gives me that nothing else gives me. That's kind of that feeling, the butterflies in your stomach, I just have to be able to control those and be able to use those as a positive thing rather than a negative thing."

Petty on keeping for the key two-point conversion..."Shoot, we needed it. I think that's the first time a stiff-arm has ever worked in my life and I'm glad it worked at that moment."

WR Brandon Marshall on Petty's game..."I'm not going to say he went out there and played lights-out or that he played at the level a top-tier guy would play at. This is his second start and his second year. He made the plays that he's supposed to. That two-point conversion was something special. That shows you the type of guy he is. He's fiery and will give you everything he's got. I was just glad that he made the plays when he was supposed to."

S Calvin Pryor on the run defense in front of him "buckling down" in the second half and stopping Carlos Hyde better..."Exactly. That never happens on us, so to have a guy rush for 100-something yards on six or seven carries in the first half is definitely out of character for us. We were angry, so we had to go do something about it, and we did."

Hyde on what changed for him in the second half..."I just think the Jets came out and played harder. Nothing changed with us. We still had some success in our run game. I just think the Jets came out and played a little harder in the second half."

Hyde on the fourth-and-2 overtime run, on which the Jets stopped him for no gain..."That's a play we've been running all game. The Jets just played good defense right there. Not taking anything away from them, they did a good job filling up all the holes. I didn't have a lane where I could go. I just tried to hit it up in there and tried to get a push, but they did a good job there."

QB Colin Kaepernick on the 49ers psyche after losing their 12th game in a row..."It's something we have to be able to fight through. We have to be able to change this course that we're on. When we're in these positions, we have to make plays at the end of the game, finish the game, and be able to pull out the win. ... I've never been in this situation before. It's something that we have to change. Ultimately, it comes down to us being able to go out and fight for a win and we have to do a better job doing that."

Jets WR Robby Anderson on what he saw before Petty hit him with a pivotal 26-yard completion in overtime..."I knew he was going to put it up to me. I was just waiting for the ball. I knew it was going to be a big play. I could see his eyes looking for me. I had to bring in that big-time catch."

Jets K Nick Folk, who went 3-for-3 on field goals, including the 50-yarder to send the game to OT..."We didn't play overall well on Monday. Today we played much better. We started off a little slow and we'll have to fix that, but other than that we gave up 14 points in the first five minutes of the game and that was almost it. They got three points later, but it was a great fight from then on."

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