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Jamal Adams: 'We Want to Be That Great Defense'

Jets' Safety Says Unit Still Benefiting from McLendon's Wednesday Outburst


The Jets defense has more than a few players who can read the riot act to teammates when needed. There's Leonard Williams on the line, Darron Lee at linebacker, and of course safety Jamal Adams.

"Yeah, I call everybody up after practice, the defense. I call everybody up," Adams said after today's practice that finished up in the Jets' fieldhouse due to storms in the area. "But Big Steve called us out yesterday."

Defensive lineman Steve McLendon, normally an eloquent senior spokesman for his unit, delivered an expletive-filled message to his defensive mates early in Wednesday's workout.

"I didn't feel the vibe at practice," McLendon said later with a smile. "I just blew up."

Adams said the aftershocks from that quake were still being felt today.

"Even yesterday's practice, we finished strong," he said. "It was a great practice as a defense. We finished all of the periods strong. Each day we just want to continue to get better. Being consistent, that's our main objective."

There is a feeling on the team that this defense can be very good, even, as Adams says, great. Perhaps a great unit shouldn't need a violent outburst from a big man early in training camp. On the other hand, perhaps a unit with many younger players and visions of grandeur might need the occasional wakeup call to keep its eyes on the prize.

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"We have a standard. We want to be that great defense," Adams said. "It has to be an everyday thing, all the assignments on the field, all 11 guys running to the ball, being mean and aggressive, and just having that attack mode and that mindset."

The schedule should help keep the Jets defense in a mean frame of mind. There was today's goal line drills, and on Saturday the Green & White practice will be held at Rutgers.

"It's under the lights and our fans get to come out and watch us," Adams said. "A lot of energy and a lot of swagger's going to be out there, and it's going to be a great time for sure."

Then come the preseason games, which will give the next hint of just how good the Jets D can be before the regular season starts Sept. 10 in Detroit.

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