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Inside the Numbers | New Jets Come In with 'a Lot Left in the Tank'

Haason Reddick, Mike Williams, Tyrod Taylor & Tyron Smith Plan to Continue Production in the Season Ahead


We know what the financial advisors say: Past performance is no guarantee of future results. But past performance by the players who joined the Jets the past few weeks of the unrestricted free agency signing period could provide a hint of what's to come when they don the green and white (and black) in the 2024 season. As edge Haason Reddick said after his arrival, "I believe I have a lot left in the tank," and that applies to all the new Jets. Here are some number nuggets from four of the Jets' newly signed UFAs/trade acquisitions as we head deeper into the offseason.

May the Force Be With Reddick
Reddick's pass-rushing prowess has been well captured in his 50.5 sacks the past four seasons, fourth-most in the NFL in that span and second among players labeled as LBs (behind T.J. Watt's 62).

But what goes along with sacks? Strip sacks. And Reddick's one of the kings of the strip as well. He has a league-leading 15 forced fumbles from 2020-23, and 13 of those FFs were strip sacks, also the league leader. Since 2019, the only other linebacker with more strips in a four-season span was Watt with 15 strips for the Steelers from 2018-21.

Where would 13 strip sacks come down in Jets history? Strips in the NFL haven't been kept rigorously until recently, but we have logged Jets strips dating to 1963. And Reddick's four-year total matches the career totals of the best in Jets history, namely John Abraham, Mo Lewis and Calvin Pace. These are the Jets' leaders in strip sacks, including playoffs (Gastineau had two of his 11 strips in the postseason):

Table inside Article
Jets Defender Seasons FF SS Most SS/4ConsecYrs
John Abraham 2000-05 19 14 10 (2002-05)
Mo Lewis 1991-2003 29 13 6 (twice)
Calvin Pace 2008-15 16 13 10 (2008-11)
Mark Gastineau 1979-88 NA 11 8 (twice)
Shaun Ellis 2000-10 13 11 5 (three times)

Go, Mike Williams, Go
WR Mike Williams' strengths are high-pointing the ball and running deep routes. Unofficially, his yardage averages show that. Of all NFL receivers with at least 200 catches from 2018-23, Williams is second in yards before catch with an 11.4 average, trailing only Tampa Bay's Mike Evans at 12.2. As a result, Mike Dub's yards/catch average is the best in the NFL for those 200-catch receivers since 2018. The top three in that span:

Table inside Article
Receiver Seasons Recs Yards Yards/Rec
Mike Williams 2018-23 298 4711 15.81
A.J. Brown 2019-23 379 5947 15.69
Mike Evans 2018-23 453 7101 15.68

Tyrod by Air and by Land
Tyrod Taylor has put together one of the most remarkable statistical résumés of the last decade, made more so considering he hasn't always been a starter. We're basing that on two measures: TD passes-to-INTs ratio and yards/rushing attempt. Aaron Rodgers, of course, is No. 1 in TD/INT all-time, with a 5.42 ratio for the last 10 seasons (4.52 career). ARod's 4.77 yards/carry isn't shabby but it's not up with the elites on this list. Here are the five QBs with at least a 2.4 TD/INT ratio and 5.00 yards/carry from 2014-23:

Table inside Article
Quarterback Seasons TDP/INT TDP/INT Ratio Yds/Rush
Patrick Mahomes 2017-23 219/63 3.48 5.19
Russell Wilson 2014-23 282/87 3.24 5.41
Lamar Jackson 2018-23 125/45 2.78 6.01
Deshaun Watson 2017-23 118/45 2.62 5.40
Tyrod Taylor 2014-23 65/27 2.41 5.59

Tyron's Specialty: Protection
And who would those QBs want securing their blindside? Tyron Smith is a great choice when he's healthy. Smith went from indestructible his first five seasons with Dallas (playing in 98.8% of the Cowboys' games from 2011-15) to somewhat vulnerable in his last eight seasons (64.5% of games). But Smith has always come back from injuries better than brand new at least in the pass protection department. In fact, he slashed exactly in half his sacks allowed in his first five seasons compared to the last eight. The breakdown (sacks allowed, via, include Smith playoff games):

Table inside Article
TSmith by Seasons Games Played Sacks Allowed Gms/Sack Allowed
2011-15 81 29.0 2.79
2016-23 89 14.5 6.14

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