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Henry Anderson on Jets DC Gregg Williams: He Gets the Blood Boiling

Veteran DL Transforming Technique, Aiming to Make More Plays in the Backfield 


Throughout defensive lineman Henry Anderson's five-year career, he's played for four head coaches and as many defensive coordinators, but no one who compares to Jets DC Gregg Williams.

"He's definitely unique. I've never had a coach like him before," Anderson said. "It's always fun to start first thing in the morning with a meeting with him. He gets the blood boiling a little bit. It's fun, though. Sometimes you're in there in the morning, kind of tired, still waking up and he wakes you up pretty fast. He gets you ready to go out there and practice. He brings a lot of energy, he's passionate, he wants this defense to be great, which is only going to be good for us."

Coming off his most productive season while tying Jordan Jenkins with a team-leading seven sacks in 2018, Anderson isn't sure what his role in Williams' system will be. But the 6'6", 300-pounder believes his coordinator will properly identity players' skillsets and utilize them accordingly. As Williams determines what Anderson's strengths are, "Goose" is adjusting to the new scheme which, like his coach, is different than anything he's used to.

"I've been playing the same sort of technique and now it's a new style of play where I'm having to pretty much tell myself everything that I was doing in the past is not the way to do it anymore," he said. "I need to change the way I'm doing it. It's a good learning process. We're definitely not perfect yet, but we're making big strides every day. We've got good energy out there, which is good. Guys are eager to learn and eager to get better."

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Like any good pass rusher, Anderson hopes to sharpen the tools in his pass-rush kit and add to his arsenal. But he's taken an extra focus in stopping the run for the upcoming season after totaling 45 tackles and seven tackles for loss in '18.

"Last year wasn't as good as I wanted it to be and we're playing a different style of defense this year, which hopefully helps me get in the backfield, just disrupting run plays a little bit more," he said. "Hopefully that gets a little bit better, but I have to keep working on it. I've been focusing on that a lot during OTAs and I'll continue to make that a focal point when we start training camp."

Earlier this month, Williams said he's been "really impressed" with the entire defensive line, namely the group's intelligence, and new DL coach Andre Carter specifically praised Anderson.

"He's one of those players that you always want," Carter said. "He's very smart, very detailed, a student of the game. People always say the Mike linebacker is the quarterback of the defense. Well, one thing about Henry Anderson, he's like the quarterback of the defensive line."

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