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HallowTalk: Real-o-Ween Edition

Your Weekly Dose of Real Talk Served Up Halloween Style


For some of us around 1 Jets Drive, Halloween is pretty serious business:

And it seems only fitting for the Green & White to be visiting the Silver & Black this Halloweekend in Oakland. In between preparing for the matchup, I was able to catch up with Buster Skrine, D'Brickashaw Ferguson, Tommy Bohanon and Calvin Pace in Florham Park to get all the answers to some real hard-hitting questions.

J.L:If you could dress up like anyone on the team for Halloween who would it be?Buster Skrine:Coach Bowles.


J.L.: Do you ever carve pumpkins?

D'Brickashaw Ferguson: Yes … and they've all been terrible.


Maybe @odemalsolikesgolf has a few tips? Dang.

J.L.: Will you be passing out candy this year?

Tommy Bohanon: Well ... we'll be in Oakland.

J.L.:Scary costume or silly costume?

Calvin Pace: Scary



J.L.: What is your favorite Halloween candy?

C.P.: Nothing like good Kit Kat. Or M & M's. Can't go wrong with either one. Plain. No peanut.

T.B.: Reese's

D.F.: Peanut M & M's

B.S.: Jolly Ranchers. The sour ones. I like to put the apple and the blue one together. Two at a time.

J.L.: Who is your favorite superhero?

D.F.: I like X-Men, so I'd probably have to go with Magneto.


T.B.: Super Man

B.S.: Meteor Man.

J.L.: Who is that?

B.S.: Meteor Man.

J.L.: Media Man?

B.S.: Meteor Man. Ask Q. Q, favorite superhero? Meteor Man?

Quinton Coples: The meter man?

B.S.: Meteor Man? You know who that is?

Q.C.: Who does he play with? Is he a DC guy or…

B.S.: Meteor Man! The movie Meteor Man, man. And the Golden Knights.

Q.C.: Blankman.

B.S.: Blankman. That's his name.

J.L.: Is that real?

B.S.: Yeah.

Buster's favorite superhero?

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