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Game Picks: Jets vs. Bills

The Pundits Take Their Picks


David Steele

Pick: Bills, 33-17

This is Anthony Lynn's head coaching debut as the interim following Rex Ryan's firing. EJ Manuel will be auditioning for his next job most likely. For the Jets, one last window for second-round pick Christian Hackenberg to make an in-game impression. Both rosters will probably be unrecognizable next year.

Pete Prisco, Senior NFL Columnist

Pick: Bills, 28-24

This is the Rex Ryan Bowl. He was fired by the Jets and will likely get it from the Bills after this game. The Jets looked to have packed it in a week ago. The Bills are still playing hard. That matters. Give me the Bills.

Chris Simms, NFL Lead Analyst

Pick: Bills, 27-21

If you have a New Year's Day hangover, may I suggest another game?

EJ Manuel vs. "Ryan FitzTurnover" won't be a smooth ride. In fact, it might be the roughest quarterback matchup I've seen in a while. That's saying something.

Buffalo is the better team. Manuel is not perfect, but at least he has a good-to-great line in front of him and a resurgent Sammy Watkins. One or two big downfield throws should do the trick.

Elliot Harrison, NFL Media Analyst

Pick: Bills, 28-20

Pride, and in the name of love -- that's what these two teams are playing for. Neither club, I'm sure, wants to head into the offseason with heads down. The future of both coaches in this game is uncertain. After Rex Ryan was dismissed this week, Anthony Lynn was tabbed to replace him as the interim boss. My colleague Ian Rapoport says the Bills are taking a serious gander at Lynn as a potential permanent replacement. Does that mean his players will compete their butts off for him? As for the Jets, do they have the aerial attack to win for embattled head coach Todd Bowles? The passing game, after being a strength last season and in the earlier meeting versus the Bills this year, has been an abomination. My guess is Shady McCoy goes off against a talented front that often just hasn't shown up for work in 2016. At least we know the Jets won't lose by 20 or more points, like they have five times already. Right? We do know that ... I think.



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